Online slots with the best bonus rounds ever

Online slots are incredibly fun but there is something appealing about a game that features a fun bonus round. These bonus rounds can add a whole new dimension to a slot game – claim £1,000 match deposit bonus. You should try

What is a bonus round 

A bonus round is an exciting bonus feature for a slot game; they are typically found in modern slots as past slot machines did not have the technology to accommodate these features. Bonus rounds are loved by players for a variety of reasons, they offer another chance to win a good payout, they help break up monotonous play and they are simply fun to trigger. Sometimes, the best part about the bonus round is the work you have to put into activating it. Bonus rounds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some are merely extra features whilst others take players to brand new screens and can completely change the gameplay. Players who want to win a nice payout from a slot machine will always try and trigger the bonus round of a game. 

Best bonus rounds 

Bonus rounds are some of the most exciting ways that players can enjoy a slot game. They add an extra element to the gameplay and create a reason for players to keep coming back. The following are some of the best bonus rounds that players can find on a slot game.

●       Free spins – This bonus round is one of the most common, and lucrative. Although free spins does not sound the most appealing bonus round, give it a chance because it is actually very generous to players who know how to use it wisely. Essentially, this bonus lets players spin the reels for absolutely free, it can even be retriggerable.

●       Multipliers – Another common bonus round is the multiplier round. This bonus is very simple, essentially players will get to the spins reels as usual but there will be multipliers added to their spins. These are usually 5x, 10x and even 20x. As you can imagine, players can rake up quite a lot during these bonus rounds. 

Best slots with bonus rounds 

Slots that offer a fun bonus round are often viewed more favourably by players than those games that do not. The following are some of the slots that offer a top quality bonus round. 

  1. Rocky – This slot is based on the ever popular film series, making it perfect for players who are a fan of the boxer’s adventures. Players can expect familiar characters to pop up in this game’s bonus feature, the knockout bonus. Players will essentially see a fight take place over ten rounds and will win coins for every round that Rocky wins.
  2. Family Guy – This game is based on the popular TV series and it has a bonus feature that players love, it is a multiplier that will increase your payout by up to 1000x! 

Final Thoughts 

Bonus rounds in slot games are an incredibly fun part of the experience, they can add a whole new element to the gameplay and even give the player a bigger payout.

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