7 Race Horses We’ve Got Our Eye On


Horses are fascinating creatures, with so much power that cannot be matched by humans. The speed that horses can reach is outstanding, and it’s no wonder that we used them as our main form of transportation for centuries. The bond between man and horse has always been strong and there is a level of mutual respect that goes into the relationship. In exchange for shelter, food, and affection, horses compete for our financial benefit. It’s no wonder why our fascination with these creatures remains because they continue to set new speed records and raise the bar higher and higher for horse racing. 

Horse racing is a multi-million dollar game with high stakes and an even higher following. Events have consistently made history, and it has long been a part of cultures throughout the world. The traditional sport has yielded some of the highest performing horses who are trained in effective and disciplined ways. These are 7 racehorses that we’ve got our eye on to look out for in the next year of races. For more information, check out the Breeder’s Cup picks here. 

Secret Protector 

First on the list is Secret Protector, who shouldn’t really be kept a secret. Regularly making podium positions, Secret Protector is a good-looking horse that is sure to only improve as he matures. The three-year-old colt is in his prime and bound to be one to make headlines next year following the off-season consisting of rigorous training and recovery. 

Colonel Faulkner

The Irish bay gelding has had a great run this year and is bound to go from strength to strength in the following year. Colonel Faulkner has been bred from the highest stocks, and it has been proving worth the while because the horse has been regularly finishing races in first place. Something that could be a homage to the horse’s Irish routes, Colonel Faulkner seems to thrive in rockier weather patterns. Stay tuned for this one for sure. 

Mystic Guide

This horse is due to have surgery and his future is uncertain. One thing we know for sure though is that he’s a fighter and has achieved first and second places during this year’s events. With a speed figure of 115, Mystic Guide is bound to break records following successful recovery. This horse has a lot to live up to, ranking as the highest-earning horse in 2021. Hopefully, we will be seeing a lot more of Mystic Guide. 

Essential Quality

Living up to the name, Essential Quality is known in the racing world as a champion. The three-year-old thoroughbred has already won the Belmont Stakes and Travers Stakes. If this horse’s past rankings are anything to go by, Essential Quality is on track to break records and remain on the podium next year. Discipline and speed are strengths for this young colt, who remains unmatched in terms of winning consistency. 

Knicks Go 

An older horse with an impressive record of winnings under his belt is Knicks Go. The American thoroughbred has a higher speed record than Mystic Guide at 118. Although he has more years of racing experience, Knicks Go is definitely one to watch in the races. In 2021 the horse has an average win of 67%, watch this space for the next year of competition. 

Jackie’s Warrior

Another horse with a consistent record of wins is Jackie’s Warrior. Although the young horse isn’t set to break any records, consistency is key and this is definitely a solid racer worth investing in. Who knows what the next year will look like, Jackie’s Warrior might go through some rigorous training during the off-season and come back to climb the podium. 

Colonel Liam 

Within the older category, this thoroughbred has paved the way for younger racers and has always been a great horse to bet on. In spite of showing signs of slowing down during the most recent races, Colonel Liam is still active and going through training to prepare for next year’s competitions. Be sure to keep an eye on this one. 

Horse racing has earned a place in a lot of our hearts, with the main human strengths being demonstrated such as hard work, persistence, and patience. The rewards of our hard work, research, and training are unmatched, and the majestic creatures with noble characteristics seem to benefit from the bond too. The relationship between humans and horses has always been strong throughout history, and horse racing shows a modern twist on the mutual partnership. 

Hopefully, by now you have some ideas on which horses to invest in during next year’s racing events. It is certain to be tense competition because trainers are getting more and more efficient with their regimes. Being able to put money on the outcome of a race creates a sense of respect for the event and accomplishment. Always bet responsibly and check out TVG for regular updates and advice. 

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