Why English Bulldogs Are The Best Dogs


So, you’ve wrestled over and over about why get a dog in the first place – and you’ve come to the conclusion that there are so many more pros on your list than cons. Of course, the next step in the process is to decide what type of dog you should get. While many people choose to go to their local shelter and see if they make a connection with any pups there, they may strike out. You can be dedicated to rescuing and still come across a bulldog at your local shelter, but it’s unlikely. 

It’s essential to find a dog that can easily fit with your lifestyle and what’s happening in your household – like if you have children, how active you are, how long you are out of the house for work or extracurriculars. If you are looking for a companion that doesn’t need too much exercise, enjoys cuddles but isn’t a tiny lap dog, an English Bulldog could be the perfect fit for you and your family. But, there are some things to know about the breed before you take the plunge. 

They Are Prone To Some Health Issues 

First things first – because it took a lot of breeding to get to that cute face, naturally cropped tail, and irresistible wrinkles – bulldogs are prone to several health issues. The most obvious one is respiratory issues. Brachycephalic dog breeds like pugs, bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (to name a few) are more prone to respiratory problems than other breeds. You’ll know these breeds by their squished faces, which are adorable but a sign you need to take it easy with your dog and be aware of signs of respiratory distress. 

Another health issue to be aware of with your English Bulldog is that they are prone to gain weight quickly. If your Bulldog is overweight, this further compounds any other issues he may already have but definitely puts him at a higher increased risk for breathing problems. 

They Need A Lot Of Grooming

Any responsible pet owner should be grooming their dog regularly. Most grooming needs can be taken care of at home – simple brushing, bathing, and for the brave – nail clipping. You can, of course, outsource these tasks to a groomer if it’s within your budget. But, bulldogs need their wrinkles and folds cleaned daily. If you ask a lot of English Bulldog owners, though, this isn’t seen as a chore! It’s more bonding time that you get in with your precious pup! 

They Make A Lot Of Noises! 

Bulldogs tend to make a lot of noise when it comes to their bodily functions! Some people might find thunderous snoring and frequent flatulence a downside to owning a bulldog, but if you ask most people who own the breed, it just further endears their pet to them. Sure, it may come with an offensive smell sometimes, but that’s just part of their personality and definitely sets the stage for a lot of laughs! So you won’t think, “My dog is acting weird,” you’ll know he’s a bulldog! 

Bulldogs Are Great Protectors 

Taking a look at the breed, they’re stocky and packed full of muscle – on their own; they are a complete unit! So, while they may be laid back and not running around like a chicken without its head, don’t worry – your Bulldog will be there to protect and defend you should the need arise. And, though they love a good lap or bed cuddle, they are quick to alert you if something is amiss. They even make excellent service dogs for this reason!

They Don’t Need A Ton Of Exercise 

While bulldogs don’t need long walks or to run their jollies out in the backyard for hours a day, they, of course, still love to play! But, if you’re the type of person who either for health reasons can’t be too active or you just choose not to be – they’re a great fit where that’s concerned. Bulldogs are heat intolerant, which means they shouldn’t even be outside running around too much in the warmer months. 

English Bulldogs are an excellent fit for many ages and household types. They can do great in a tiny apartment or even on a large farm. With their laidback (and sometimes stubborn) nature, they do well with little children and other animals as well.If you haven’t yet decided on the breed of dog you want to bring into your family, the English Bulldog is one worth looking into!