Hassinger Farm: Where the Passion For Horses Comes First


Amy Hassinger and Dr. James Hassinger, DVM have spent almost two decades creating four companies with the goal of helping equine and human athletes perform their best


Nestled under the tall, slender pines in the Sandhills of North Carolina is a farm built on tenacity, dedication, and a passion for helping horses and humans thrive. Welcome to Hassinger Farm. 

Founded in 2003, the property stretches across nearly 70 acres of pristine pastures. The facility is meticulously kept, including automatic fly spray and watering systems, two all-weather arenas and access to horse-only trails. But what makes the farm truly one of a kind is the family that runs it. 

Dr. James Hassinger, DVM and his wife, Amy Hassinger, have dedicated themselves to improving the health and happiness of both human and equine athletes. They run four businesses out of their North Carolina residence, including Hassinger Farm, Hassinger Equine Sports Medicine, Hassinger Biomedical, and Equine Healthcare International. While every business is different, their goals align with the Hassinger family’s mission: to help horses and riders. 

Hassinger Farm primarily serves as a breeding facility for Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods and Quarter Horses. Amy and Dr. Hassinger compete in a wide variety of equestrian competition, including western pleasure, hunters, equitation, and more. Because of their varied interests, they strive to breed high quality horses, regardless of their disciplines. 

Hassinger Equine Sports Medicine is the largest equine rehabilitation and conditioning center in the country. It started as a mobile equine hospital which was transported between shows to provide a variety of services, including both treatment for major injuries and minor adjustments. Shortly after creating their mobile clinic, Dr. Hassinger began to gain a reputation as a “maestro” of equine ailments. He became known for his keen eye and ability to treat small issues that had a big impact. “Not everything is black and white,” says Amy. “Sometimes a horse may have five small issues. But five small issues can really create a huge issue. Dr. Hassinger is good at figuring out where the issues are, even if they seem unrelated.” 

Today, Hassinger Equine Sports Medicine has the largest fleet of equine mobile hospitals, which travel between some of the nation’s largest Quarter Horse and hunter shows. Horses are able to be treated inside the mobile clinic, which is a climate controlled, clean environment. In addition, Dr. Hassinger travels from coast to coast providing sports medicine care to top athletes in all disciplines.

Equine Healthcare International was founded after their sports medicine clinic, in response to issues they and their employees faced every day at the barn. Now, their products are considered staples in barns across the country and include items such as Pomms equine ear plugs, Bit Butter, and Equi+Calm. 

“If we want something we just make it ourselves. If we want it, we guess that other people may need it too. It just makes sense,” says Amy. 

Dr. Hassinger and Amy Hassinger took their equine sports medicine to the next level in 2020 when they founded Hassinger Biomedical. Their first treatment, ProVet APC, is the only regenerative therapy system of its kind in the world. It’s unique vertical-spin system consistently delivers the optimum ratio of platelets, growth factors IRAP, A2M and anti-inflammatory proteins for the treatment of joints, soft tissue, bone cysts, and reproductive issues. 

Recently, they introduced a new product called ProGraft, which is an injectable putty which can be used to repair bones. This means that horses who may have been put down due to injured bones may have the opportunity to heal. 

Both Dr. Hassinger and Amy remain hands-on with both their farm, and their businesses, every day. 

“We sleep, eat and breathe this stuff,” says Amy, “I know what it’s like to be up at two or three in the morning, taking care of my horses when they’re injured. We’re out there with everyone else, doing chores in the morning, we’re working in the vet clinic during the day, then we’re tucking our own horses in bed at night.” 

After training their own horses, they still box up products and place Pomms into their clear plastic tubes several times a week. Amy says it makes them feel closer to their customer and reminds them why they commit to the hard work every. 

“When we see a horse with Pomms in their ears at a show, it makes us feel good to know that we helped make their ride better. We feel like we’re just a small part of making someone else’s day good.”

Both Amy and Dr. Hassinger continue to train and show their own horses in addition to their busy work schedules. Every horse they competed at the 2021 Aiken Spring Classic were named Circuit Champions, and the Hassingers were the only husband and wife amateur duo to come out on top in both the Amateur Owner and Adult Amateur divisions, and also many of the Professional Divisions.

Dr. Hassinger primarily shows Sandro, a Bavarian Warmblood stallion (who has a “lifetime license” with IRS/Oldenburg), who will be standing at stud for the first time starting in 2022. Meanwhile, Amy primarily shows at the major Quarter Horse shows with her top grey mare Truly Graceful. She also competes in hunters with Falegro and Fitilis, who are full brothers. 

Photo by Victoria DeMore Photography

Amy is very clear that their purpose in life is to develop products and therapies that will help horses and riders perform better and heal faster. 

“Everything we do is about helping horses and helping riders,” says Amy. “It’s our life’s work.” The Hassinger family has become well-known and respected throughout the horse industry for their positive energy, passion for the sport, and drive to help others succeed. And even with decades of hard work and thousands of horses helped under their belts, they don’t plan to slow down any time soon. While there are still horses to help, the Hassinger family will be there to offer new therapies, treatments, products and ideas to help them perform at their best. 

*This story was originally published in the October 2021 issue of The Plaid Horse. Click here to read it now and subscribe for issues delivered straight to your door!