By the Numbers: Comparing Nations Based on Show Jumping Prize Money Won

Photo by Marie-Hélène Blanchet

By Judith Warner

Which nation has the most successful showjumping riders, and what are the differences between the various countries?

The USA currently has the most successful riders representing their star-spangled banner in international competition. Although they only have a little over 400 riders competing internationally, they do their job well and thus win the most prize money among all 102 nations. In total, more than €11 million was won by US international riders. Kent Farrington is currently the USA’s most successful athlete with a total amount of € 1,074,757 in prize money won in the past 365 days, followed by Mclain Ward and Laura Kraut who are the only three US riders to reach the million euro mark.

As a country with many years of experience in equestrian sport, France currently stands in second place in this ranking. Approximately 2400 French international riders have collected over €10 million in international competitions, which is almost six times the amount of riders that the USA have on the international scene. Julien EpaillardKevin Staut and Nicolas Delmotte are their most successful representatives winning around €500,000-€600,000 each.

Germany is in third place. Although Daniel Deusser gave it his all in the past year and still holds on to the title of highest earning rider of the past 365 days with almost €1.4 million won. Germany in total was not able to place higher with a total amount of over €8 million won. Among the 1200 riders for Germany, Christian Ahlmann and Marcus Ehning also delivered great results.

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