Are there eWallets dedicated to slots online?

For people just getting into the world of online slots, you may not immediately know what an eWallet is. Being honest, it’s not too difficult to guess what it is – being a portmanteau of “electronic” and “wallet”.

In short, if you play slots online, you’re going to need one. It is a payment provider which acts as an account, where you can deposit and withdraw funds without the hassle of entering your bank details – read more about Boku pay by mobile.

In order to manage your funds, you just have to confirm your action, approving the movement of cash, and you’ll never have to enter your long number or expiry date again. You should try

They’re definitely considered the most convenient method of payment regarding online casinos. Not only are they very rapid – almost instantaneous – but they’re also secure.

How are eWallets secure?

One of the main priorities with online casinos and the eWallets gamblers use, is security. Unfortunately, we live in a world where fraud is rife and the safety measures have to be cutting edge in order to stay ahead of the scammers.

Therefore, modern features such as encryption are used, and as a result, eWallets are now considered safer than debit cards.

Having said this, there’s always the risk that your sensitive data could be hacked. This is why the following security features are things you should look out for when you’re researching eWallets.

Password Protection

It’s always a good idea to have extra passwords to protect your accounts. Make sure you never use your PIN as your password. If hackers can access one, they’ll be able to access absolutely everything you have in your bank account.


Encryption is the process of encoding information. This process converts the original representation of the information, known as plaintext, into an alternative form known as ciphertext. If your sensitive data is in ciphertext, hackers will never be able to read it.

eWallet Proxy

One of the main benefits of having an eWallet is the fact that they only have access to the information that you provide. That’s to say, unlike debit cards and credit cards, your eWallet will only ever store as much money as you make available. Obviously, your bank cards will show everything you have in your whole account, regardless of whether you’ve deposited it in the online casino account or not.

As a result, eWallets cut off the access to your whole banking network. Hypothetically, should you lose what’s in your eWallet, the rest of your funds are completely safe in your personal banking network.

QR Code

Your eWallet will be linked to your mobile phone. Therefore, a QR code is used to strengthen the security of your account by meticulously verifying your identity each time you use your phone.

eWallets to consider using for slots online

Some of the most reputable eWallets for online casinos are as follows:

·         Neteller

·         PayPal

·         Boku

·         Skrill

·         Trustly

·         Paysafe

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