Equine Elixirs Launches First Equine Antacid Delivered in Gummy Form: Tummy Gummies

Edited Press Release

After two years of development, Equine Elixirs has released the first fast-acting equine antacid gummy.

Wellington, FL., Monday, November 1, 2021 — Horses evolved to forage for up to 20 hours per day. Because they constantly produce gastric acid, their stomachs need to be full, or they are at risk for developing ulcers and other gastric problems. The issue with most antacids is that they are inconvenient and time-consuming to feed, taste bad, and get left at the bottom of the bucket. Equine Elixirs’ mission was to buffer acid via an effective and convenient mechanism that horses enjoy eating during times they are unable to forage: while training, traveling, competing, and during other periods of prolonged stress. Enter Tummy Gummies, your ringside companion, available in peppermint and carrot flavors.  

Elizabeth Ehrlich, the founder of Equine Elixirs, explains, “You don’t want to permanently eliminate gastric acid, because horses need it to digest and absorb nutrients from their food. You want to neutralize acid for short periods of time so it doesn’t burn or upset their stomach when they are most at risk.”  

“We had the idea to deliver the antacid in gummy form, which has never been done before in the horse world. Gelatin, corn syrup, and sugar are the top three ingredients in most human gummies. These ingredients are extremely unhealthy for horses. The biggest obstacle we faced was creating a gummy without those critical components, and ultimately, that’s the reason why it took us almost two years to do it right.”

“Now that we have perfected our vegan gummy matrix, we can deliver unique solutions to common equine problems in a method not previously used in the horse world. We have several other types of gummies ready to launch right on the heels of Tummy Gummies.”

“People are more focused than ever before on the nature and quality of what they feed their horses,” says Kimberly Ercius of Equine Elixirs. “The gummy delivery method is a fast and convenient way to make sure each horse receives the proper dose, rather than letting supplements get left behind in the feed bucket. The ability to create great-tasting, effective, and portable dosage units in gummy form will allow us to provide each horse with the specific products it needs — as easily as feeding a treat.”