Jayven Kilgore Selected for Equine Opportunity Program

BY Devyn Trethewey

November 10, 2021, New York, NY – Jayven Kilgore has been selected for the Metropolitan Equestrian Team’s Equine Opportunity Program. 

The Equine Opportunity Program allows riders across the country to become as creative as they want through our educational and equestrian programs. Students have the ability to ride in any discipline and work towards their goal no matter their riding level or location in the country. The EOP riders have the drive and ambition to make their dreams a reality.

Jayven Kilgore is from Memphis, Tennessee where he is coached by Ashlee Pigford and Taylor Hiatt of the Memphis Youth Equestrian team. 

“Getting this MET EOP scholarship would help me to continue riding and learning so that I can keep improving so that I can work with difficult horses like Gus and help them learn how to become happier horses who enjoy being around people and working.” said Jayven Kilgore, in his application for the EOP.  “I would like to be able to afford to go to more shows, like local schooling shows with my Coach Ashlee Pigford. I would also like to attend Memphis Youth Equestrian IEA team shows. Many are out of town and expensive to travel to.”

The program is geared towards educational advancement with multiple grant and scholarship programs that give students the opportunity to ride in programs nationwide. Applicants must have a drive to discover and learn more about careers and pathways. In order to maintain financial sustainability to continue in our disposable income sport as an adult, we strive to give students an understanding of finances and money management. The program is designed to help selected applicants get to the level in which they desire to achieve. 

“It is important for us to be able to partner with organizations that believe in our mission of providing horseback riding opportunities and education.” said Jane DaCosta, executive director of MET. “We are not an organization that drives on socio-economic status, we are a program that promotes passion and creativity within students, which provides the leg up for them to accomplish their dreams.” 

The program has awarded students with over $1.6 million dollars in college scholarships to participate in Equestrian sports across the country. MET is grateful to have partnerships with over 400 colleges that participate in the Intercollegiate Horse Show alAssociation for students to show and actively participate in.

“I want to figure out what college to go to because I want to be a horseback riding Instructor. I think being an instructor would be fun, and I’d enjoy teaching other people how to ride horses.” said Jayven Kilgore. “Horses have helped me learn more patience. Getting the horse to do what you ask them to do even when they mess up has shown me how to keep trying even when riding is tough.”

We want to highlight that both Jayven’s parents, Jennifer and Ron Kilgore are both service members of the US Army Reserves. We want to thank you for their service and for encouraging Jayven to apply to this program. 

Take a look at what the MET has done in the past:

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