How to place bets on international horse races

Horse racing is considered a sign of regal grandeur and this sport has been played across the world for almost 6500 years. The finely trained jockeys put in as much effort as they can. Almost all the rules and ethics of the sport are invariable across the globe. Thus, one can bet on any race at any time or place. This betting activity not only comes with money but with some thrilling action as well. Like other sports, horse racing also has specific jargon, so let us first talk about the types of bets on horse racing.

Types of bets

We will discuss a few types of bets, the chances of winning and the approximate payout for each type.

Win: It is the most straightforward bet in which you bet on the horse to win the game.

Place: You will win the bet if the horse you backed comes in first or takes the second place.

Show: If the horse comes in first, second or third place, you will win the show bet.

Exotic wagers: In this bet/wager, a combination of different horses is involved. The wager aims at choosing the top two, three or four-horse horses in the order that they will finish the race. One can either choose the horses in a specific order or randomly hope to finish earlier than others, regardless of their sequence. In this betting type, a number of horses from numerous races can be chosen. Betting on more horses enhances the chance of getting more money.

Tackling the odds

In a horse race, a number is designated for each horse. These numbers denote the odds to win on each horse and the most popular choice of wagers in the race. For example, if the odds of a horse are 5-1, it means if you bet one dollar, you will get five dollars in payout if your horse wins the race. The payout rate increases exponentially as the betting money increases.

It is important to remember that the win odds only apply to win bets. For example, a horse could be a 2-1 favourite in a race but have very little money wagered on it to win. That means that the show payment might theoretically be more significant than the win payoff, even though winning the race is far more complicated than showing.

The payout for different bets

The return for each bet varies according to the day you are betting on. The safest types of bets are place, show and win bets. These bets generally provide the maximum chance of winning if you bet a reasonably high amount considering you do not choose a horse with poor odds.

If you are a Briton, the exotic wager can bring a massive return if you bet carefully and learn how to get around Gamstop. Picking the top four horses in the order of finish or winning six races, appears to be a long shot. Consequently, if you hit a strike, you might win hundreds of dollars for a tiny bit of a couple of bucks.

Therefore, you have to choose the best depending on what you expect in return. If you are looking to win a considerable amount of money, you should go with the exotic wager. Those who want to get at least something should stick to straight bets. Once you start understanding the tactics, you can go for different tracks across different countries.

Where can you bet

There are several places where you can bet on horse races. Some of them are mentioned below:


·   You may find a racetrack within a reasonable distance from your home, which you can access easily. A harness racing track or a thoroughbred is the most prevalent type of racing in the world. This is the prominent place to go if you want to wager on horses. Before you arrive, double-check the schedule as most tracks only race on specific days or nights of the week and frequently just during specific seasons. If you cannot find any live racing track, you may use simulcast areas to wager on other tracks.

Off-track facilities:

·  The off-track racing locations are not as common as they once were, as the internet has surpassed them chiefly in terms of bettors seeking to place wagers without physically being present at the racetrack. However, there are still a lot of them around. Off-track facilities, in essence, are outfitted with betting terminals and televisions that broadcast various horse races, allowing you to place wagers on such races from a distance.

Internet wagering:

·   Bettors may sit at home and wager on tracks all around the country and the world by simply locating a site that accepts betting on these tracks. In general, these services require you to fund an account with money so that any wagers can be taken out of it and profits may be deposited back into it.

Most racetracks have their website where you may place bets on their events. There are other websites where you can wager on a variety of races. Keep in mind to check if the websites approved the horse racing industry before handing over your money to them.

Winning a bet on horse racing

Now that we know how to bet on horse races and the different types of bets, let us move to some ways through which you can win a bet on horse racing.

·   You must be aware of all the information about the horse on which you are betting. Info such as the horse class, its trainer, former performance and the official rating are critical points.

·   You can only choose suitable horses for betting, if you know all the horses participating in a race. So you must know about all the horses and then make a choice.

·   You should be aware of the race day program, the races during the day and the history of the horses participating in the race.

·   Weather affects the results of the race considerably. So, consider the weather of the day on which you are betting.

·   The surface type of the tracks is another crucial factor in the horse’s performance. Check the performance of your betted horse on the track in the past before wagering a large amount of money.

·   Never turn away from your odds of the race. Always bet the money after knowing what you are going to win and what is to lose.

The uncertainties involved with wagering can be minimized by following the details mentioned above. Not to forget that great rewards come with significant risks.

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