Equine Canada Responds to Mark Laskin’s Resignation as Canadian Show Jumping Team Chef d’Équipe

Photo © Carly Nasznic

FROM EQUESTRIAN CANADA — The Technical Advisor, Jumping (including Show Jumping Team Chef d’Équipe) position in its current format has been in place for two Olympic cycles. As early as 2020, in planning for the  Tokyo Olympics, it was identified by both internal stakeholders and funders of high-performance equestrian sport that there was a need to review the technical advisor roles for Team Canada.  In keeping with best practices of the quadrennial cycle, Equestrian Canada (EC) enacted a  positional review process to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics. Technical Advisor Mark Laskin’s contract was in extension, and he agreed to remain in the role during the process and his input and expertise were sought. 

The review of the position was completed by an external specialist firm that conducted technical  interviews and gathered input from stakeholders including jumping discipline experts, high-performance committee members, National Team athletes, owners, and Mr. Laskin. The assessment has been completed with the support, advisement and knowledge of both Mr.  Laskin and the jumping committee with a goal of setting up Canada’s high-performance athletes for success in the lead up to Paris 2024 and LA 2028. 

Mr. Laskin resigned from his position prior to the publication of the leadership review post-Tokyo, the completion of the job description, and the move into the hiring process. We wish him all the best in his future pursuits. 

EC remains deeply committed to strengthening the Canadian jumping team with a goal of being competitive on the world stage and having a strong showing in Paris and LA. Equestrian  Canada, its leadership, and jumping committee will continue with the process that it has enacted to set our athletes up for that success. The job description and skills competency are in final review to be completed this week with a target hiring to occur by January 1, 2022.