7 Amazing Horse Lover Gifts [Inviting & Budget-friendly]

The life of a horse lover or equestrian is dissimilar from that of a normal human being.

You love jeans! But, in their case, they love ruining jeans in order to use them as stable jeans. 

They aren’t fans of sneakers, but they would do anything to get those heavy and sturdy riding boots. 

Equestrians usually don’t think twice when it comes to buying new gear! And, why should they? 

To those equestrians or horse owners, we’ve curated 7 horse lover gifts that can make a substantial difference in their life. 

These horse lover gift ideas are not only budget-friendly but are also inviting! 

  1. Custom Horse Portrait

Giving them a custom horse portrait can be the wisest decision! 

First, it’s a timeless horse lover gift. Secondly, it’s creative and welcoming! 

I think nothing can make them happier than a portrait that has their horse as a subject. 

On top of that, this horse lover gift defines friendship, faith, and emotion. 

The beauty of it is it can never be replaced. It will be mounted on the wall for years, preserving the beautiful memories of your friend with its horse. 

  1. Saddle Set

The saddle set is an important gear for equestrians. 

You don’t want your friend to swing in the middle of a race or lose control over reins because of the wrong posture. 

Giving the best quality saddle set can be winning! It will offer comfort and help to maintain the balance. 

Just opt for the one which is highly durable. 

Also, look for specifics like an ideal shape, thick underlining, and round skirt design for better support and control over the partner. 

  1. Horse Brush

Horse brush is one of the inexpensive gifts for horse lovers. 

That’s why most folks rush to buy it for their horse lover friend. 

Well, it’s a good bet to give it to your friend if it has soft bristles, a flexible grip, and is lightweight. 

  1. Horse Charm Bracelet

For them, horses mean everything compared to anyone in life. 

As a matter of fact, they won’t miss a chance to show how much they admire their horse. 

For those, it’s always the best deal to buy horse-related gifts. There are exceptional bracelets out there. 

Shop for one that features a horse-themed trinket, or a saddle, or a horseshoe.  

  1. Horseback Riding Boots

Horseback riding boots are much-needed gear to avoid accidents! 

These are the most essential equestrian gifts that are often overlooked. 

Consider buying them for your horse rider friends as they lower the risk of accidents and offer great support in feet. 

They might find other alternatives that ‘do this job’ and last for years. 

However, real horseback riding boots can always give maximal protection. 

And you should consider it because no games are worth your friend’s life! 

  1. Gloves

It might take a good amount of time to look for apparel, picking up gloves won’t! 

Gloves can be the perfect gifts for horse lovers as they prevent hands from getting rubbed or blistered by the reins. 

Also, they give great support and enhance the grip. Make sure you buy ones that are designed with synthetic palm and have high durability. 

  1. T-shirts

We know it sounds basic, but it won’t fail to surprise your horse lover friend! 

This can be one of the funny horse lover gifts if you customize it properly. Buy a simple plain t-shirt, ask any designer to add your friend’s horse face to it. 

Also, do not forget to inscribe a witty message on it. This might add some flavors to the moment! 


So, which horse gift ideas did you find great? 

I believe you should surprise them with gifts that can last longer. 

How about a custom portrait

I definitely think that it is one of the very few horse lover gifts that can bring a broad smile to your friends and some tears in their eyes too.

Horse lover gifts like riding gloves, riding boots, a saddle set, or others can also be a great option!