USHJA Announces Newly-Seated Zone Committee Members

Edited Press Release

Lexington, Ky.—Nov. 18, 2021—The U.S. Hunter Jumper Association is pleased to announce the newly-seated USHJA Zone Committee members.

Zone Committees are made up of a minimum of 15 members: six representatives elected by the Zone membership (three designated Hunter and three designated Jumper), four members appointed by Affiliate Member Organizations (with the largest number of members), and a minimum of five individuals are appointed by the USHJA President.

“We extend a warm welcome to our new USHJA Zone Committee members as they begin their terms,” Knowlton said. “We are excited to have them join the committees and be a voice for members in their zones. We know our newly-seated members have a wealth of knowledge and a wide range of experience in the sport, and we look forward to working together to continue to improve the sport for our members.”

The newly-seated committees by zone:

Zone 1

  • Amy Eidson, Chair
  • Jay Mullen, Vice Chair
  • Melissa Barden (New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association)
  • Cynsie Broda
  • Ann Dotoli
  • Leigh Gallagher
  • Sally Hinkle Russell
  • Monica Hunt
  • Felicia Knowles (New England Horseman’s Council)
  • Carol J. Law (IHSA Zone 1)
  • April Renzella (Massachusetts Horseman’s Council)
  • Sheila Murphy (non-voting advisor)
  • Carla Sharp (non-voting advisor)
  • Kristi SmithKenneth Whelihan

Zone 2

  • Katie Benson, Chair
  • Andrew Philbrick, Vice Chair
  • James Benedetto
  • Wendy Chapot Nunn
  • Mary Drueding (IHSA Zone 2)
  • Nora Hanlon
  • Clare Knapp (IHSA Zone 3)
  • Linda Mancini
  • Cynthia McGrath
  • Faith McKay-Alicea
  • Tobey McWilliams
  • Elizabeth Perry
  • Tamara Woitas

Zone 3

  • Eric Straus, Chair
  • Alan Lohman, Vice Chair
  • Miranda Grabill (Maryland Horse Show Association)
  • Rachel Howell
  • Brooke Kemper
  • Oliver Kennedy
  • Tracy Magness
  • Peggy McElveen (IHSA Zone 4)
  • Streett Moore
  • Denice De Risio-Perry
  • Sandra Ruiz
  • Catherine Schlaeppi (North Carolina Hunter Jumper Association)
  • Christina Schlusemeyer
  • Cricket Stone (Southwest Virginia Horse Show Association)

Zone 4

  • Page Tredennick, Chair
  • Kat Demas Mulkey, Vice Chair
  • Otis Brown
  • Tracye Ferguson
  • Mary Guynn
  • J. Michael Halbleib
  • Kim Land
  • Jennifer Matts
  • Janet McCarroll
  • David Pellegrini
  • John Rush
  • Jay Sims (Georgia Horse Show Association)
  • Alexandra Welles

Zone 5

  • George Thornbury, Chair
  • Elaine Schott, Vice Chair
  • Sara Ballinger
  • John Berkos
  • Abigail Blankenship
  • Patrick Boyle
  • Joleen DeWitt (IHSA Zone 7)
  • Roxane Durant (IEA)
  • Gregory Franklin
  • Lisa Goldman-Smolen
  • Lexi Jacober (Illinois Hunter Jumper Association)
  • Alice Kitson
  • Ashleen Lee
  • Heather Pinnick (IHSA Zone 6)

Zone 6

  • Mark Aplin, Chair
  • Dan Urban, Vice Chair
  • Angie Connor
  • Kendra Gohr
  • Sybil Greene
  • Elizabeth Kieffer
  • Kathleen Nichols
  • Sue Novak
  • Sierra Osborne
  • Heather Parish
  • Patrice Urban
  • Janine Weatherby

Zone 7

  • Kalea Maxwell, Chair
  • Andrea Stewart, Vice Chair
  • Joey Brumbaugh
  • Janis Collette (Missouri Hunter Jumper Association)
  • Valerie Garza
  • Lucie Herendeen
  • Nancy Jones
  • Fred Kahn
  • Kelly McCabe-Cyphert
  • John McQueen
  • Patricia Roberts
  • Sandra Tabio

Zone 8

  • Laurie Grayson, Chair
  • Betsy Checchia, Vice Chair (Arizona Hunter Jumper Association)
  • Betty Beran
  • Mary Bernardo
  • Chris Collman
  • Jen Lewis
  • Cynthia Moore-West
  • Beth Nielsen
  • Jill Pelzel
  • Meg Schulman
  • Ashley Stannard
  • Danine Summers
  • Jessie White

Zone 9

  • Max vonZimmermann, Chair
  • Quinn Partridge, Vice Chair
  • Nicole Bourgeois
  • Kathryn Hall (Oregon Hunter Jumper Association)
  • Deborah Long
  • Rachel Long
  • Tara Niculescu
  • Lisa Pleasance
  • Gayl Russell (Montana Hunter Jumper Association)
  • Nora Thomas
  • Mary vonZimmermann
  • Clare Warren

Zone 10

  • Katie Taylor, Co-Chair
  • Ellen Gates, Co-Chair
  • Kay Altheuser (Los Angeles Hunter Jumper Association)
  • Robert Blanchette
  • Edward Glynn
  • James Hagman
  • Sally Hudson
  • Melissa Kalember (NorCal Hunter Jumper Association)
  • Robert Leckie
  • Georgy Maskrey-Segesman (Pacific Coast Horse Show Association)
  • Gry McFarlane
  • Jenna Mutch
  • Francie Nilforushan
  • Stephanie Simmonds

Zone 12

  • Jill Cornforth, Chair
  • Kristi Seymour, Vice Chair
  • Lauren Eaton
  • Sadie Kurtz
  • Anndawnika Neavill
  • Carrie Patnode
  • Jaimie Thurman

“On behalf of the Board, we also want to thank our outgoing Zone Committee members for all of their hard work and dedication as they served their zone over the past few year,” Knowlton said. “We appreciate their time and contributions to USHJA and their zones.”

To learn more about zone committees, visit To learn more about the Zone Election process, click here.

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