How To Introduce Friends To The Wonderful World Of Horses

Everything’s better when friends are involved. Alas, while most people are happy to go to dinner or attend a BBQ, it can sometimes be challenging to find people eager to participate in more specialized activities. If you’re a horse-lover, then you’ll know the frustration of knowing that your friends would love the equestrian world but finding that they never come along. 

Well, good news! You can change that. In this blog, we’re going to run through some valuable tips on how to introduce your friends to the wonderful world of horses. 

Invite Them To The Stables

Even someone with only the slightest interest in horses can enjoy a day at the stables, especially if it’s a warm spring or summer’s day. This will provide an opportunity for your friend(s) to get up and close personal with a species with which they might not have much experience. Even if there’s a little trepidation on the part of your friend, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that you typically find at stables will win them over. 

Go To A Horse Racing Event

Inviting your friend to a horse racing event is a surefire way to cement their blossoming interest in horses. After all, it’s hard not to fall in love with horses after you’ve had a front-row seat to the majesty and power on display during a race, and especially if it’s an iconic race, such as the Kentucky Derby. Of course, while they’ll enjoy the spectacle regardless, they’ll get more from the event if they know which horses to follow, so be sure to send them some expert horse racing tips before the big day. Remember that what you do before and after the event is also important; it’s not just the race, but the whole package, so look at booking a nice place to stay and exploring the local area, too.

Iconic Moments From The Past

Horse racing is about the past as much as it is about the present. There have been plenty of iconic, dramatic horse racing moments in years gone by that have made people fall in love with the sport. So why not share some of these moments with your friends? They will likely have heard of horses such as Secretariat and American Pharoah, but they may not know why these horses have gone down in history. While you can tell them their stories, it’s much easier to show them! 

You can find videos of history’s greatest races on YouTube. The 1973 Belmont Stakes is an excellent place to start; this is the race that certified Secretariat as one of the best of all time. He didn’t just beat the competition — he utterly dominated the race, winning by an incredible 31 lengths. The 2015 Belmont Stakes is another good video to share with your friends. In this race, American Pharoah became the first horse in 37 years to win the Triple Crown, and it’s even more impressive because the quality of modern horse racing meant nobody thought it could be done. 

Go For A Ride

So far, our advice has been to introduce your friends to the world of horses from a distance. But once you’ve grabbed their interest, you can look at stepping things up a little. One of the best ways to do this is to go for a ride! Of course, you’ll want to take things relatively easy. It should be more of a gentle ride than anything high-paced. If you live in an area where people keep horses, then they’ll be likely to be a local instructor who can take you both for a ride, ideally somewhere scenic. If they’re not in love with horses after that, then they likely never will be!

Bring Enthusiasm

Finally, remember that enthusiasm counts for a lot! If you bring energy and make the whole process fun, your friend will be more likely to get on board. Take it easy, have plenty of laughs, and it won’t be long before they’re not just a friend; they’re a horse friend. 

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