Most valuable tips to increase the winning chances of horse racing bets

Horse racing is one of the favourite sports for punters in the UK and the rest of the world. Although all sports have an exciting and competitive nature that attracts bettors, horse racing is entirely different!

Since its inception, horse racing has been associated with betting in all cultures. Most horse races only last two to four minutes. So, you don’t have to wait long for results like when you bet on football or cricket. Furthermore, horse racing is a sport surrounded by uncertainty which means the risk is doubled. For example, the favourite horse’s winning percentage is only 33%, while the underdogs win 63% of the races. Although this gives veteran bettors great opportunities to cumulate bigger winnings, it can be very distracting and disappointing for newcomers who do not have the necessary knowledge or adequate skills to pick the winning horses! Therefore, in this guide, we will provide you with the essential tips that you can depend on to improve your winning chances, regardless of your professionalism grade.

Is horse racing luck or skill?

Like betting on any other game, horse racing is based on skill and strategy, but sometimes luck can change everything, maybe for the player’s sake or against it! By applying expert advice and following a consistent plan, you can win most of the races you bet on, and you will be able to control and neutralise the luck factor as much as possible. Thus, you can improve how you manage your risks and make a good profit in the long run. For example, will help you to check horse betting sites.

Do your research

It is hard to tell you that “betting on a horse race is a fun activity” and at the same time, advise you to “do careful research before placing your bets”! However, these two contradictory facts do apply to horse racing and any other sports betting as well!

It would be tough for all punters to determine the outcome of a race if they don’t have any background on the race, the ground, the horses involved, and the previous record of these jockeys!

On average, enthusiast horse races bettors place wagers with a total of $11 billion annually, and a very tiny percentage of this large amount is being staked wisely after doing thorough research. Therefore, it seems that most bettors are not convinced that a leisure activity can require something more than luck! However, their “recreational activity” probably doesn’t have a great ending!

To implement this advice effectively. First of all, you must obtain inclusive info about the race itself, including:

  • Location
  • Weather conditions
  • Duration
  • The ground type

Although these factors appear to be very general, they greatly influence the results of any horse racing. For example, some horses prefer turf grounds, while others perform better on steeplechase tracks.

The horse record

It would be best if you gathered info on the horse career, history and results. Also, you should scour around to know whether it suffers from any recent injury or stress that may influence its performance in the next race.

The relationship between the horse and the jockey

The relationship between the horse and the jockey determines how they will appear in action. When focusing on the movements of the jockey and horse and analysing their body language in previous races, you can get a lot of accurate data about a jockey’s ability to get the best out of a horse. Sometimes, you can notice that the jockey is pushing the horse forward, but the horse does not want to move, perhaps because he has been injured before or physically stressed. Some other times, you will notice that the jockey and the horse appear to be one body moving with a single mindset.

Try different betting types

Most of the time, novice bettors and even many professionals stick to the outcome betting only! Of course, this strategy will not work in the long run, or at least it will not guarantee you the highest winnings.

If you apply the first tip, you will be able to try out many bets safely. Then, you can combine multiple bets into one coupon and make strategic movements to reduce the loss risks and increase your potential returns.

Learn how betting systems work

Straight bets are an excellent choice for casual betting sessions and organised strategic plans; they are easy to learn and involve minor risks. However, when the player gains more experience and skills, he will aim to upgrade to a new level to get excitement and winnings! That is precisely what betting systems offer.

Although betting systems are associated with very high levels of risk, they still offer significant profits. Furthermore, all betting sites offer special bonuses and incentives on this kind of bet especially.

In general, there are three main types of betting systems available for horse races, namely:

  1. Betting on multiple horses in the same race

You can choose three or more horses and predict their positions. By placing this bet, you can get a massive return if the horses win and get the selected rank, while if some horses let you down, you will be able, at least, to redeem your original stake!

  1. Bet on multiple races

If you don’t like the idea of ​​betting on multiple horses involved in the same event, you can bet on various races. This strategy can be great because it ensures you have an extensive choice array.

  1. Shop around to get the best odds

We live in a fast-paced era that is dependent, almost completely, on technology. So, it would be a shame on us if you didn’t make good use of the available free means to place good bets and get high profits!

It is very easy for any punters to compare the betting odds of the same market on multiple bookmakers and pick the best one for you. Many players think that the betting odds do not differ from one site to another, but this is not true! Each site offers its odds based on its available cash flow, player base, and other factors. You can sign up for several betting sites and review their odds before placing a bet.

  1. Master the art of bankroll management!

Successful bankroll management means avoiding severe risks even in case you lose all your bets! The golden rule of responsible gambling is to bet only with money you can afford to lose. So, any other side of your life won’t be influenced by your bad luck. The first serious step you should take to apply the “successful bankroll management” principle is to set a monthly betting budget. Also, you should put a max amount per wager to be from 1% to 5% of the total budget.

Furthermore, you should only bet on the races you have a good background about and avoid chasing your losses. Alternatively, you can hunt the bonuses and rewards offered by bookmakers.

  1. Select the difficulty of your bet

Before placing a bet on a horse race, you must first know how hard it is to win it. For instance, the show bet is the easiest, while the Pick 6 is the hardest.

  1. Useful facts about horse racing

When you start betting on horse racing, you want to get the best profits from the first beginning and avoid beginner mistakes that may cost you a lot of money for no reason. So, the following facts and statistics can be helpful to improve your early results:

  • If you’re fond of live bets, do not watch live horse racing on sports betting sites as it is not accompanied by audio commentary. This voiceover can come in handy because sometimes commentators make great predictions!
  • The favourite horses win only 33% of their races.
  • Older horses do not have an advantage. On the contrary, they always fall in front of younger ones.


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