5 Reasons Why Owning a Horse is Better Than Owning a Dog


There are many reasons why both horses and dogs make great companions. Both are smart, personable, helpful, loving, and fun to be around. However, there are some unique factors as to why owning a horse can be much better than owning a dog. We’ve gathered up these top 5 reasons why you should consider getting a horse as your next pet! If you liked our piece on why Dogs & Horses make best friends then you will love our next segment here. 

Horses are lifelong companions.

Most dogs are known to live full, healthy lives. The average dog lives to be between ten and thirteen years old and even less if you don’t get them a Bordetella Vaccine and with all the vaccine hesitancy going around these days that means dogs may have an even shorter lifespan compared to horses this century. However, horses are one of the longest living pet mammals, with an average lifetime of between twenty and thirty years old. This is one of the reasons why horses are a better option over dogs for pet owners who want to invest in a long term friend. Your horse will have many years to learn and grow with you, building a strong bond and unique personal relationship. Having a horse is really a commitment to a lifestyle that can be life changing. More than just a pet, horses truly become members of the family that can be incorporated into many areas of human life. This is something that can’t be maintained with other pet types. 

Horses encourage an active lifestyle.

Taking your pooch to the dog park or on regular walks can be a great way to get some consistent exercise. In contrast, learning how to ride a horse is a specific term skill that is great for your health and very useful too. Horseback riding can be done for fun, as a sport, or as a legitimate mode of transportation. Riding allows further nature exploration as well, while strengthening your core muscles and the personal bond between horse and owner. A good rider may also choose to expand their ability by learning different riding styles or tricks as a hobby or through competitive options as well. There are also many unique trail opportunities and locations that can only be accessed while on horseback. This allows for further exploration that could never be experienced on-foot without the aid of a well-trained horse. Riding is also very therapeutic and can be used as a legitimate form of physical and emotional therapy.  Aside from that, stress relief is also a side effect of regular horse riding, and also something that cannot be experienced with a dog as a pet. Even if you have a Great Dane you still can’t ride it around. You can buy a bunch of fun clothes though for it.  So are dogs & horses distant cousins or not? 

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Horse owners have many social opportunities.

Owning a horse isn’t as common as owning a dog or other typical household pet. Many horse owners like to get their pets involved in activities including showing, competitions, training, clubs, races, and more. These communities can be a very fun opportunity to find friends that also share your love of horses and the lifestyle that comes with it. Many horses will have to be kepts in a boarding facility which can also feel like a second family as well. Many boarders will see each other on a regular basis as they work with their horses together. This can make horse care feel less like a chore and more like an engaging opportunity to look forward too. Horses can also be a great way to connect with non-horse owners through education, riding lessons, and more.  These are just some of the many examples of social opportunities for horse owners. There are so many more social communities to get involved with for the average horse owner then as a dog owner. 

Horses have unique personalities.

Bounding with a horse is an extremely special experience. Horses are very human-like emotionally as they can develop specific quirks, personalities, and habits that are very particular to each individual horse. Many horses may like to tease or play with their owner and are naturally very energetic and friendly. These behaviors can also change and grow over time as your relationship with each horse grows over time. Some research even shows that horses remember family members, as well as human friends, even after long periods of separation and in some cases for life. This suggests that a relationship with a horse is more than just about who feeds and cares for them but is something to treasure on a personal level. While dogs are known as “man’s best friend”, nothing replaces the reward of developing such a trusting relationship with such a large animal. 

Owning a horse is a great practice in dedication.  

Taking care of and developing a relationship with a horse takes skill, time, and discipline. It is not something that everyone can do well which means horse owners should take pride in their commitment to pursuing such an elusive responsibility. It’s very typical to learn that someone is a dog owner, while many time non-horse owners are so excited to find out about owning a horse. After getting your horse, you may find yourself bombarded with delightful questions from interested people who are excited to learn more about everything equestrian. You can feel proud about your animal in a very unique way that many other pet owners do not get to experience. This alone is one of the most rewarding reasons that owning a horse is better than owning a dog.