5 Strides With: COCON 4

Avery Glynn and Cocon 4. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

An “Interview” With The Equitation Horse
(Via her own, Avery Glynn!)

The 12-year-old Oldenburg mare—”Calle” at the barn—and her partner finished 13th at the Dover Saddlery/
USEF Hunter Seat Medal Finals and 10th at the ASPCA Maclay National Championship

1 What do you like about the equitation ring?

I like that I get to do multiple disciplines in the equitation: hunter type rounds, jumper type rounds, and I’m a great open-water jumper. I like an array of different classes.

2 If you could eat any human food, what would it be?

I already eat like a human—Avery makes my feed a lot of the time. She goes to the store and gets fruits and vegetables to put in there. I eat anything!

3 What makes mares so special? 

People talk about mares being “mareish” but I’m not at all that way. I’m the barn favorite, actually, and I love when people spend time with me and pet me. In the ring, I’m super attentive to my rider, always looking for the next jump. When a mare has a good connection with her person, we try harder than any gelding would.

4 What’s life like at home when you’re not showing?

I don’t practice much jumping. When we do, it’s at a lower height, unless it’s our final school before a big show. We do a lot of flatwork and practice equitation tests: counter canter, halt, trot jumps. We’ve got a trail at home too, and I’m in my turnout a lot.

5 What might readers be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve done the Big Eq for years and was Avery’s partner for her first International Hunter Derby, but I also teach crossrail lessons sometimes at home when there’s a kid at the barn who needs one. I love doing it. 

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