Another Arena in the Works at Stable View

The New Arena will be placed at the opposite end of this Attwood Arena by the Boyd Martin/ETB Schooling Field

Edited Press Release

When the last Attwood Equestrian Surfaces arena near the Boyd Martin/ETB Schooling Field was built, it was said at the time that this would be the last.

Having seen it in use for nearly a year, while it is doing the job as intended, there was a feeling among the team at Stable View in Aiken, SC that they could do even better.

The original 330’ X 230’ arena was designed to accommodate one Stadium arena with warm up, or two Stadium arenas, or three Dressage courts.

The trouble is that when used for warm up, horses can give the appearance of colliding or at the very least, getting [too] close together.

When used as either two Stadium arenas or three Dressage courts, riders like to warm up on the same footing, thus making the existing design far from optimal.

To accommodate the above, as well as to take into account the increasingly demanding requirements of National and International competitions, Stable View is in the process of designing an additional Attwood Arena.

For Stadium, the Arena will be wide enough to take three Stadium Standards with room for three trainers to provide instruction.

For Dressage, there will be space for a full size court with room for a judge’s car.

The present size is 70 meters X 36 meters, approximately 230’ X 118’. The new arena will be positioned at the front – on the old Dressage Field – and on the left of the present arena. There will be four access points, N, E, S and W. There will be direct access to the present arena via an existing entrance. No trees will be cut down.

Estimated start time is early December and completion is planned for the Aiken Opener.

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