What Are the Best Horror Movies That Have No Jump Scares?

Have you ever watched a movie where something horrific and frightening abruptly appears?

You probably have burn incidents if you’re fond of taking your hot beverages while watching horror movies. I tend to think it would be much better to watch a movie that gently fills you with fear without some squeals. It would offer a perfect mastery of the genre.

Most horror movie developers apply jump scares to instill fear and suspense in a film. By doing so, the movie appears entertaining even though it might be tedious at first. A jump scare movie creates short-lived suspense.

While jump scares have their place, not every horror movie needs a jump scare to instill fear in the viewers. 

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To help you get the best on your list, we have rounded up the best horror movies on Hulu with no jump scares. You can watch the movies anytime, anywhere, and if you don’t have a Hulu account, you can create one.

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Below are the best horror movies with no jump scares.

Six Horror Movies with No Jump Scares

1. Creepshow

Have you ever thought of watching a scary film that fits a Halloween party scenario? Look no further because Creepshow is in your grasp? 

The movie presents scary characters like George and Stephen, who create a suspense scene. After watching the movie, you will appreciate how the producer balances humor and horrific scenes accordingly. Most notably, you will anticipate the suspense surrounding the death of Jordy Verrill.

2. The Exorcist 

Spirits and demons are some of the terrifying characters in horrors. If you doubt this, try to watch The Exorcist.  The Exorcist is a Horror movie that involves a young boy called Regan, and Demons possess Regan.

These spirits made Regan behave wildly, and he attempted suicide many times. His mother sympathized with him, and she looked for aid in hospitals but to no avail. It’s only in the church where Regan got help, but that is after a vigorous battle between a priest and the demons. 

The entire movie has a scary atmosphere. 

3. The Witch

When it comes to horror’s suspense, The Witch Movie may rank as one of the best. Typically, witches are a vice in society and are often excommunicated or killed if discovered. 

The Witch involves a family of suspected witches in the early days of America who were excommunicated and fled into a nearby forest.

As days went by, children started disappearing in that forest. Those killings were associated with witches, but nobody knew the real culprits. The movie creates suspense and curiosity about who might be killing people.

4. The Lighthouse

Have you ever been afraid of ghosts or ghostly stories? Whether you have ever been afraid or not, you might want to venture into ghostly scenes by watching The Lighthouse. The story talks about two lighthouse keepers whose pasts were recounted as ghosts.

These ghosts made the two gentlemen suffer from horrifying scenes, and this made them distrust each other. The movie has a lot of secrets, like the lamp which Willem Dafoe holds.

5. Wrong Turn Series

Expeditions and adventures in forests are enjoyable for college kids but not for those involved in the Wrong Turn Series. The Wrong Turn involves characters with genetic disorders and tasting human flesh.

These cannibals used malicious actions to lure, kill and eat people in their territory. College kids on vacation were the usual prey for them. The hunting and the killing in Wrong Turn episodes make the scene horrific and full of suspense.

6. Omen

Graveyards in horror movies might make you have scary nightmares, especially if they are dead people walking. One movie with evils on the graveyards is Omen. This horror involves a demonic kid called Damien, a foster son to Katherine and Robert.

The story shows the suffering, miscarriages, and deaths caused by Damien. Even the church refers to him as an antichrist. 

The story ends with suspense and horror as the police saved Damien when his foster parents tried to exorcise him. Damien was left smiling when his guardians died, indicating that the movie might continue in another episode.

Punch Line

Although jump scares are becoming unpopular, they break the monotony of a boring scene. Secondly, they arouse curiosity and suspense in movies. Not to mention, the captivation of a sudden, horrifying mood that tests your braveness.

Enjoy such movies on Hulu or any other streaming platform of your choice.