The Finnish Gambling Industry

The gambling industry has become a popular activity for millions of people in Finland. Furthermore, it has boosted the country’s economy in more ways than one and with the EU making strong efforts to standardize gambling and betting on sports across Europe, The Government of Finland has reviewed their regulation and legislations in response. For an expert guide and an in-depth overview on where is best to gamble in Finland or for Finnish residents, head over to

Finnish State Owned Veikkaus has Monopoly Over Gaming Market 

The Finnish government established the betting agency, Veikkaus Oy, on 1st January 2017, which restricted any foreign gambling companies entering its market. After it was decided a reform of the gaming system was necessary, a merger took place involving three of Finland’s major operators, Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY), Fintoto and Veikkaus. The single gaming company owned by the Finnish State serves the purpose of operating games responsibly whilst mitigating the potential risks from gambling, ensuring legal protection for all involved and also prevents gambling-related fraud.

For The Benefit of Society

The generated revenue obtained by Veikkaus is used for the benefit of Finnish society, with beneficiaries involved in the fields of sports, health, science, culture, social welfare and youth work and the equine industry. These funds are distributed to the beneficiaries by the relevant ministries. With 40% of gaming taking place online, this helps to contribute to the overall economy, which attracts around 700,000 weekly players who make up a total customer base of over two million. 

●     About 3,500 gambling locations using playslip entries

●     About 100 Feel Vegas and Pelaamo arcades

●     Over 10,000 video slot style machines

●     Veikkaus operates Casino Helsinki with another due to open in the city of Tampere

●     Company employs 35,000 Veikkaus game sales clerks

 Finland’s Slot Machine Association or RAY was also a government-supervised and owned nonprofit gaming company that became a part of Veikkaus Oy. RAY was a gambling monopoly whose proceedings went to domestic charity such as pensioner care and gambling addiction treatment. 

RAY led online gambling to a new level, focusing on slot machines, digital gaming, and controlled the only official land-based casino in Finland, Casino Helsinki. The other operators, Veikkaus and Fintoto, controlled the Finnish Lottery. 

What is in store for Finnish Locals

Veikkaus earlier this year confirmed that its Casino Tampere will open to the public at the UROS LIVE arena in December 2021. In Finland, indoor activities are popular because the weather is extremely cold. 

The arena is located in the center of Tampere and is aiming to be a trendsetter for the European casino world in terms of responsible gaming and a new type of arena casino. All the games at the casino (slots and table games) will be subject to full authentication, meaning customers will need to show their casino cards. The system recognises any players that have limited themselves or opted out of specific games and will use the same limits on the same games at the new casino to ensure self-control is consistent. The system has already been implemented at the Casino Helsinki.

Tiina Siltanen, General Manager at Casino Helsinki, explained that at present, all customers entering Casino Helsinki must have already registered themselves. After the reform, the customers at the casino must also always show their Casino Cards whilst playing slots or table games. The authentication system differs from Veikkaus’ other arcades and points of sales, where you must be a loyal customer to authenticate yourself. A loyal customer must be a permanent resident of Finland and foreign guests do not have the option to become authenticated as yet.

Authentication Required to Maintain Responsible Gaming

Siltanem went on to explain that players will require authentication on all of Veikkaus’ decentralized slot machines which are at stores, restaurants, service stations and kiosks,  with Veikkaus’ goal to extend this system further to cover even the Pelaamo and Feel Vegas Arcades. Achieving this goal will require amendments to the current laws or the decrees.

In terms of the interior design, Tampere Casino will be a combination of “Finnishness”, a forest and woodland like ambience, hosting digital surfaces that will offer a personalised experience. These special areas would be lounge and social gaming spots that can change during events held at the UROS LIVE arena, showcasing new kinds of products whilst maintaining responsible gaming. Within the actual arena, players will be able to take part in real-time mobile games too, as long as you are a registered loyal customer of Veikkaus.