Top Horse Racing Bets Ever Won

We all dream of winning big on the horses, and who knows, one day someone reading this might win big. But did you know there are some bets that are so impressive they need to be celebrated? Let’s take a look at the top horse racing bets ever won in the hope that we can mimic those wins.

$1,913,000 – Steve Whiteley

Hailing from England’s south coast, Steve Whiteley made a £2 bet (which was then worth about $2.63) back in 2011. His relatively cheap bet saw him win almost $2 million.

Whiteley decided to place a bet on horses that were running at his local track in Devon, England. He chose to put a bet on six different horses that had odds that seemed almost pointless. However, the 2/1, 16/1 and 12/1 bets, among others, served him well. However, if he had placed an accumulator bet, he would have won almost $400,000 more!

If you have ever considered placing a bet on a horse whose odds seem quite extreme, this is the sign that you should. From time to time, some relatively unknown horses do very well. You never know, the next time you place a bet on an unknown, you could be in for a huge prize.

$1,319,360 – Fred Craggs

Craggs became a millionaire overnight, and just before his 60th birthday. Living in the North of England, Craggs placed a small accumulator that involved many jumps. One of these bets was placed on a horse that had remarkable odds. The odds of 2,000,000/1 really worked in his favor, however. It wasn’t until Craggs had visited a local betting shop that he heard the news.

Incredibly Craggs placed a bet on a few horses, some of which had names that are quite unbelievable. Isn’t That Lucky and A Dream Come True were the names of a couple of the horses. It’s safe to say that Craggs chose well.

Some believe it’s all in the names, others believe it’s all in the odds. It can be a mixture of the two or just pure luck. Whatever it was for Craggs, it worked well that day. Chances are, he is living in luxury and maybe even placing more bets now and again.

$1,319,000 – Conor Murphy

Murphy chose to place a bet on five horses, four months before the horse race in question took place. He did this with confidence because he knew the horses’ trainer had the best squad he’d ever had. Fast forward four months and it’s safe to say that Conor Murphy was in the money.

The Irishman won the betting shop’s maximum payout of £1 million (over $1,3 million). If there had not been a maximum payout, the betting shop would have had to pay out another £1 million. With any luck, Murphy is not thinking about what he would have done with the extra £1 million.

$1,301,000 – Anonymous

Back in 2013, an anonymous person decided to place a £10 ($13) bet. The bet seemed to be quite successful for them as they won more than $1 million. The six-fold bet was split between a variety of races. The races took place over a 90-minute period and resulted in a huge win.

The winner, who decided not to go public with their win, actually won so much that the betting house had to make their biggest payout ever.

$1,086,293 – Anonymous

Another anonymous person won a huge amount of money on the horses. Back in 2017, someone placed a bet on a few horses. The bet cost £19 ($25) and resulted in the lucky individual winning more than $1 million.

The winning horses were Canardier 33/1, Das Mooser 10/1, Bacardys 10/1, Woodland Opera 9/2, and Definite Ruby 7/1. The very lucky winner only realized he had won big the next day. Apparently, he had been out all night and decided to check how his horses had fared early the next day. There did not seem to be any method in the gentleman’s bets, it was just something he had been doing for years. Finally, his numbers (or horses) came up and he achieved the win of a lifetime.

As you can see, some people are just very lucky when it comes to placing a bet. Spending not very much money on their bet worked very well for them. With any luck, their luck will rub off on us and we’ll all experience a life-changing win. Time will tell, as will placing bets that may not seem to be in with much of a chance of winning.


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