Main Functions of the Quote Used at the Beginning of an Essay

There are two universal types of functions of the quotation used at the beginning of the essay – general and special. The general functions are determined by the very essence of the quotation as a ‘foreign’ word. They do not depend on the situation in which the quotation is used. In addition, the general functions are related to the representation of the out-of-text sphere coordinated with the prototext. Instead, special functions are related to the specific context in which the quote is integrated. They are determined by the author’s creative intentions.

The general functions of a quote are divided into the following:

  • Evaluative (is a means of self-expression of the author, a way of revealing his worldview and values);
  • Recognizable (is designed for recognition);
  • Game (attracts attention, interests the reader);
  • Aesthetic (provides an increase in the aesthetic potential of the text);
  • Referential (refers to the prototext, actualizes the knowledge stored in the reader’s memory about the quoted source);
  • Symbolic (is a linguistic sign, a metonymic substitute for a prototext, certain individual creativity, linguistic and cultural context);
  • Characterological (the use of a quotation emphasizes the image of the subject of the statement);
  • Expressive (intensifies the expressiveness of the text);
  • Metatextual (the presence of a quotation in the text testifies to its significance as a self-sufficient unit of linguistic coexistence. To understand the contextual semantics and pragmatics of this fragment, it is necessary to record the actual connection with the source text. That is, an adequate interpretation of the identified ‘foreign’ word with the help of prototext, determines the essence of metatextual reflection);
  • Content-forming (content creation component);
  • Text-forming (relevant for different levels of text organization unit of text creation);
  • Cultural (a sign of unity with tradition, assimilation, and production of what is already known).

How to Choose the Right Quote to Start MLA Essay?

The choice of the quote itself should be treated very responsibly. It is not necessary to apply well-known quotations. It is better to find more original expressions, english homework help service experts say. Apply imagination, review literature, scientific study articles, etc., and choose the quote that best fits the topic of your work.

Be sure that the right quote increases the reader’s confidence in the text and makes the text easier to read. In addition, it conveys the atmosphere, emotions of the author, which are difficult to convey through indirect speech. Pay attention that the quote must be quoted exactly as it was expressed. You can shorten the quote if this does not distort its meaning by marking the missing words with three dots.

Useful Tips on How to Start an Essay with a Quote

Thus, thats okay to start an essay with a quote. If you decide to use it, then the following tips from professional writers will be useful to you:

  • Consider the purpose of the work. The purpose of work is usually to establish, identify scientific facts, justify the most effective ways to solve the problem, etc. When choosing a quote for your essay, be sure to consider the purpose of your research. The quote should meet the goal and inform the reader what will be discussed in the text;
  • Target your audience. The audience is the people who will read your paper after it is written. If you want your essay to make a good impression on your readers, you need to target your audience when looking for a quote;
  • Identify the main problem. Each paper is written to develop recommendations or directly solve a specific problem in a particular area of science and activity. The essay writer must identify the problem he is trying to solve. When choosing a quote, the problem must be taken into account. It’s great if the quote itself represents the statement of a problem. This immediately brings the reader to the questions to be dealt with in the paper;
  • Provide a link to the source. At the end of the quoted quotation, it is necessary to indicate the author and the source from which it was borrowed. This is caused by the rules of academic integrity and allows to avoid plagiarism.

Examples of Good Quotes You Can Use to Start an Essay

To make this article as useful as possible for you, we tried to find examples of good quotes. You can use these to start your college essay:

  1. According to EU estimates, US exports to the EU could grow from 4.75% to 8% by 2027, while US exports to the EU, under various scenarios for reducing NTBs, could grow from 16.16 to 28.03% (Transatlantic Trade, 2020);
  2. In terms of natural gas production, the United States confidently surpassed Russia, ranked first in the world. And in terms of oil production, the United States now confidently ranks first, ahead of Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation (Ferraro, 2015);
  3. By the middle of the 20th century, there was a need for specialists who could solve environmental problems in the urban environment (Berkes, 2002);
  4. Most sociologists do not research that interests psychologists, and vice versa. For most sociologists and psychologists, their territories are clearly delineated. Nevertheless, both disciplines have a joint ownership – social psychology… (Szacki, 1982);
  5. Psychological stress – a ‘threat’ caused by emotional experience, which affects a person’s ability to perform own activities quite effectively (Lazarus, 1991).

We hope that the material presented here will demonstrate to you the appropriateness of the quotation at the beginning of the essay. The tips provided here will create a good foundation for your paper writing! The main thing is to carefully study the information.

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