Online Betting: Top 3 Sports You Can Make Money

Sports betting is a huge part of a global gambling market. It’s estimated that over 500 million Euro is wagered in bets around the world annually. It’s predicted that the betting market in the USA alone will generate almost $7 billion in revenue by 2025. Betting is quite active across all sports. You can see it at However, there are a few giants like tennis, baseball and football. While figures may vary from country to country, these are the most popular sports to bet on in most parts.



Globally, tennis is the third most popular sport to bet on. You can bet on who is going to win a set or a game. The amount of combinations makes tennis a frequently betting sport. The only drawback is that the odds bets on the favorite are very low. But by combining more pairs, you can make pretty good money. Live betting has been a major factor in the popularity of making stakes on tennis.


Betting on baseball remains popular in Japan. It’s the second most popular sport to bet on at the moment. Besides betting on the winner, there are also possibilities for prop betting. However, sports fans have to be careful when placing such bets. The most popular baseball teams in Japan at the beginning of 2021 according to テニス オッズ are:

·         Yomiuri Giants

·         Hanshin Tigers

·         Fukuoka Softbank Hawks



Football is the most popular and the most played sport globally. It makes sense to rate it as #1 on the list.  Horse racing used to be on top of the pile. But betting in football is beyond compare. It’s estimated that over 1.5 billion Euro is bet on football every year only in the UK. These markets are quite unregulated and thus getting accurate figures for the global market is an uphill task. We can only say that the viewership figures into hundreds of millions for big events. So, the global figures of betting in football must be enormous.

The only countries where football isn’t that popular are the USA with NFL, Australia and New Zealand with rugby rules and Canada where hockey is on top of the betting charts. You can find more information at


We have a few sports betting tips for newbies. Never forget them and your chances of winning good money will definitely increase:

·         Never bet on your favorite team

·         Check the statistics first

·         Bet big on small bets

·         Strategies and systems don’t give 100% guarantees

·         Compare the odds bets on different sites

Be careful when placing bets and enjoy your favorite game!