Best of 2021: Top “Inside Your Ride” Mental Skills Plaidcast Episodes

Kost and Jenny Karazissis

We can’t welcome in a New Year without looking back at some of our favorite Plaidcast episodes. In “Inside Your Ride,” Mental Skills Coach Tonya Johnston welcomes in some of the sport’s top athletes to talk to them about the mental aspects of the sport. Tonya’s Plaidcast episodes cover common issues and questions that many riders face such as confidence, show ring nerves and much more. Hear from the best, learn from them and relate to them in these can’t-miss episodes.

Plaidcast 219: Tonya Johnston with Kost Karazissis by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

In this episode, Tonya speaks to one of the most talented and sought-after groundmen in the sport, Kost Karazissis. Husband of top hunter and derby rider Jenny Karazissis, Kost has a lifetime of experience bringing out the best in riders and horses in the hunter and jumper rings. Tonya also addresses the question of how can you find the balance between proper visualization and obsessing. Listen Now

Plaidcast Episode 215 Jennifer Bauersachs Kimberly Maloomian
Jennifer Bauersachs & Kimberly Maloomian

Plaidcast 215: Tonya Johnston with Jennifer Bauersachs & Kimberly Maloomian by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

Tonya welcomed top hunter professional Jennifer Bauersachs in this episode. Jen specializes in developing and showing top hunters at the very highest levels of the sport, though she is currently sidelined and recovering from injury – which they talk about. Tonya also chatted with Kimberly Maloomian, a top amateur hunter rider who takes her horses all over the country to successfully compete in the adult and amateur owner hunters. Listen Now

Plaidcast 249 Laura Kraut
Laura Kraut. Photo by Ashley Neuhof Photography

Plaidcast 249: Tonya Johnston with Laura Kraut by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

In Plaidcast 249, Tonya speaks to Olympic and World Equestrian Games gold and silver medalist and world-renowned show jumping rider Laura Kraut. Fresh off of the US nation’s cup win at Aachen, Laura talks about her focus and mental strength, her illustrious career, and the Olympic experience. Listen in!

Plaidcast Episode 237 Diane Carney
Diane Carney

Plaidcast 237: Tonya Johnston with Diane Carney by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

In this episode, Tonya speaks to top horseperson, judge, and clinician Diane Carney about mindset, what it means to be a lifelong learner and how to excel in the show ring. She also answers a listener question about staying focused in the hunter ring when there is so much time between jumps. Listen in.

Plaidcast Episode 232 Karen Healey
Karen Healey

Plaidcast 232: Tonya Johnston with Karen Healey by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

Tonya speaks to top trainer Karen Healey in Plaidcast 232. Karen’s riders have won in every ring for decades and she is especially known for her successes in the equitation where her riders have won over 100-plus medal finals. I am also going to answer a listener question on ways to overcome impostor syndrome. Listen Now.

Plaidcast Episode 245 Samantha Schaefer Eddie O’Connor
Samantha Schaefer. Photo by Gianna Terranova Photography

Plaidcast 245: Tonya Johnston with Samantha Schaefer & Eddie O’Connor by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

Tonya speaks to top rider and trainer Samantha Schaefer about her career and recent success at derby finals. Tonya also speaks with clinical sport psychologist Eddie O’Connor about improving your sleep to improve your performance. Listen Now.

Plaidcast Episode 241 Alex Alston
Alexander Alston. Photo by KIND Media

Plaidcast 241: Tonya Johnston with Alex Alston by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

In Plaidcast 241, Tonya speaks with top junior rider Alex Alston, who won the 2021 Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic – East Coast and has been enjoying success in every ring. She also answers a listener question about gathering belief in yourself as you head out to compete and reach for your goals. Listen In.

Plaidcast Episode 210 Lucy Blain
Lucy Blain

Plaidcast 210: Tonya Johnston with Lucy Blain and Mental Skills Q + A by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

Tonya chats with author and blogger Lucy Blain from Scotland who released her first book Stable Thoughts in 2021. Tonya also answers a listener question about moving up a division and another question about how to focus when your horse’s resume is bigger than your own. Listen Now.

Plaidcast Episode 228 228: Tonya Johnston with Bliss Heers Carlee McCutcheon
Carlee McCutcheon and Bliss Heers. Photos by Andrew Ryback Photography (Carlee) and Kaitlyn Karssen (Bliss).

Plaidcast 228: Tonya Johnston with Bliss Heers & Carlee McCutcheon by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

In Plaidcast 228, Tonya speaks to Bliss Heers, who was named to the short list for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Tonya also welcomes 15-year old Carlee McCutcheon, who is a successful up-and-coming junior rider competing in the hunters, jumpers and equitation while also showing reining horses. Tonya discusses the importance of maintaining a sense of teamwork and appreciation with your trainer. Listen Now.

Plaidcast Episode 254 Tonya Johnston Piper Klemm
Tonya Johnston. Photo by Shawn McMillen

Plaidcast 254: Tonya Johnston with Piper Klemm by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

In this special episode of “Inside Your Ride” on The Plaidcast, Tonya talks about her own personal preparation and mental skills routine in relation to how she got ready for a successful outing at the Capital Challenge Horse Show. Piper Klemm joins the show to help Tonya describe and illustrate her mental skills approach as an example of a rider going after a long-term goal. Listen in now.