Some Horse Racing Terms That Beginners Should Know

Horse racing is a type of sport that usually involves two or more horses ridden by individuals

(usually called Jockeys) over a certain distance for fun, tradition or for sport. Most mainstream sports usually attract betting fans, and horse racing is no different with millions of online bettors’ placings bets on their favourite horses on betting platforms. By visiting casino in Canada gamblers may also try virtual horse betting by placing bets on simulated computer-generated races.

     Here are some of the terminologies in horse racing a beginner should know.

  1. Backside also known as the barn.

This can be defined as the area in a stable where a horse lives, usually located at the opposite side of the racetrack.

  1. Exercise rider

An Exercise Rider can be defined as someone that trains the horse every morning. Their task is very essential to the upbringing of horses because they spend most of the morning with the horses, conditioning and looking after them.

  1. Layoff

A layoff can be defined as the period of time that a horse takes away from competing. The reasons could differ – it could be because of an injury, or the particular horse just needs a break

  1. Nose

A Nose is an organ found in both humans and a horse. But in the horse racing context, a nose is a measuring unit in a horse race, it is usually the shortest way a horse can win a race.

  1. Rabbit

A rabbit is a horse that is in a race to help its team-mate out like it’s been done in Formula 1. Characteristically it’s a fast horse that can run at top speed at the beginning of a race. Its main goal is to allow the favoured horse to come from behind for a better chance of winning the race. If you ask me, that is a little disrespectful to the horse.

  1. Handicap

Handicap is a bet term whereby bettors use statistics from past performances of horses, current form of the jockey (the rider) and other factors to place a bet. This combination allows bettors to score big winnings by betting against the favourite for the race.

  1. Steamer

A Steamer is a horse that has market value shortened either by an injury or a fall in stock.

  1. Maiden

This term is used to classify a horse that has never won a race before. In a maiden race, the factors considered entering this race usually includes the distance of the race, sex of the horse, the age etc.


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