The Perfect Clothing Gear for Your First Horse Riding Experience

Horse riding can be an exciting experience if you happen to be trying it for the first time. Apart from the ride itself, horses are also wonderful animals to be around.

At first glance, seeing a horse upfront can be rather intimidating because of its size and general poise. So perhaps your mind might run a little wild when you think of what could happen to you if something goes wrong while you’re on the horse. But don’t worry, this experience should be fun and not seem as serious as something you’d get during your typical horse racing bets.

Rest assured in knowing that with the right equipment and initiation, you can have a safe experience even if you encounter a little hiccup along the way. This article will be listing four things you cannot go without on your first riding experience.

Your Must-Haves


With horse riding, it’s obvious that you need to have shoes on, but a certain kind of shoe is needed to have the best and safest experience. Shoes like tennis shoes, sneakers, or shoes with large tongues or any lace wouldn’t be recommended.

Firstly, the shoes need to be at ankle height or higher. They have to be closed, so your toes are fully protected just in case the horse steps on your foot. Opt for a rubber sole or sole that doesn’t slide easily when you put the shoe in the stirrup. The heel size of the shoe should be at least an inch in size, so your foot doesn’t slip in the stirrup.


You don’t necessarily need to be wearing jodhpurs or breeches when you’re going horse riding, especially for your first time. But it’s important that you wear long pants that are stretchy and not slippery. They shouldn’t have seams on the area surrounding your inner thigh either.

So you can opt for cotton tights or sweatpants, but jeans are definitely out of the question.


Gloves can come in very handy even on your first riding experience as they protect you from getting any blisters or sore skin that can develop from friction between your hands, fingers, and the reins. This can happen especially when the horse moves its head around now and then, which can cause the reins to be pulled, often causing a lot of friction in your hands.

Also, gloves are great for keeping your hands warm in the winter and protecting your hands from any sunburn during the summer.


Shirts aren’t something you need to crack your skull over, but it’s important that you opt for something comfortable, fits well, extends past the top of the pants, and doesn’t have any extra bits flying around or disturbing your view as you ride.

Just like your gloves, it’s ideal to opt for a long-sleeved shirt to cover the shoulders and protect your skin from any sunburn.

In Conclusion

Of course, a saddle, helmet, stirrup, and bridle are important to have, but by wearing the correct riding gear, you’ve played your part in protecting yourself, and the rest will then follow.