West Palms Events to Manage Showpark Del Mar

Jamie Barge aboard Luebbo at Showpark in 2019. Photo © Captured Moment Photography

West Palms Event Management, a TPH Media Partner, will begin managing Showpark Del Mar in 2022 as reported by the Rancho Santa Fe Post.

In 2021, the 22nd DAA, run by a Governor appointed board, had shut down the 65-acre Horsepark. This shutdown led to the cancellation of 35 horse shows scheduled to run in 2021. However, the board recently updated their decision and will allow West Palms Events to run Showpark Del Mar.

West Palms manages many top West Coast shows including a World Cup Qualifier in Sacramento, CA.

Mavis Spencer and Clochard at Del Mar. Photo © Captured Moment Photography

The Plaid Horse is proud to present the Carousel Hunter Derby at all West Palms Shows, and has distribution at all West Palms Events.