The Dressage Foundation’s Carol Lavell Gifted Memorial Fund Awards $22,500 To Adult Amateur Riders

Jessie Ginsburg. Photo provided by Pics of You

Edited Press Release

The Dressage Foundation (TDF) has announced 15 recipients of its Carol Lavell Gifted Memorial Fund for Adult Amateurs. Each will receive a $1,500 grant to enable them to set aside quality time in concentrated training with their horse.

Typically, up to 11 grants are available each year—one per United States Dressage Federation Region and two wild card grants that can be awarded in any Region. However, thanks to generous donors, a total of 15 grants were awarded this year.

“We received a record number of Gifted Fund applications from adult amateurs and are happy to ‘answer the call’ by awarding a record number of grants,” said Jenny Johnson, TDF’s Executive Director. “Additional grants were awarded in Regions 5 and 7 in memory of Sue Curry, then our Board approved two more wild card grants for any Region, also in Sue’s memory. We are honored to remember Sue in this special way and are grateful to all the donors.”

The following Adult Amateurs were chosen as recipients from their respective USDF Regions:

Region 1: Jessie Ginsburg (VA): Member of the Virginia Dressage Association. Jessie will spend ten days working with Jeremy Steinberg to work on Grand Prix movements.

Region 1: Jessica Barreto (NJ): Member of the East Coast Regional Dressage Association and the Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association. Jessica plans to work with Rose Caslar Belasik for a week to solidify her basics within Second Level.

Jessica Barreto. Photo provided by Susan Stickle

Region 2: Carol Mundschenk (IL): Member of the Eastern Iowa Dressage and Eventing Association. Carol will spend five days training with Stephanie Field Staner working on moving from First to Second Level.

Carol Mundschenk

Region 2: Kelly Steele (IN): Member of the All Dressage Association, Kelly will spend seven days working on lead changes with Laurie Moore.

Kelly Steele. Photo by Jodi Sargent Photography

Region 3: Yun Amy Zhan (FL): Member of the Dancing Horse Dressage and Combined Training Association. Yun Amy plans to do a full week “internship” with Jana Reich. Included in her week of training will be a lesson with Anne Gribbons. Her goal is to better understand the training scale at First Level.

Yun Amy Zhan. Photo provided by Harry Furey

Region 4: Beth Dinoff (IA): Member of the Eastern Iowa Dressage and Eventing Association. Beth will spend a week training with Kate Kostenbader. Her goal is to end the week as a more confident rider.

Beth Dinoff. Photo provided by Kaitlyn Yoder

Region 4: Leah Strid (MO): Member of the Columbia Dressage and Combined Training Association. Leah plans to attend a seven day “dressage boot camp” with Brianna Zwilling. Leah plans to make her showing debut this summer and this boot camp will help her prepare.

Leah Strid. Photo provided by Lauren Fritz

Region 5: Debi Stevens (CO): Member of the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society. Debi plans to spend five days training at Holly Bergay’s barn and receiving a lesson from Sue Martin. Her goals include developing better aids and becoming more secure and confident.

Debi Stevens. Photo provided by Kathryn Ory

Region 5: Stacy Adams (CO): Member of the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society. Stacy will spend six days working with Simone Windeler. Her goal is to help her horse become more supple and have a softer, lighter connection with him.

Stacy Adams.

Region 6: Robin Cummins (WA): Member of the Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club. Robin plans to work with Kari McClain for six days. Her goal is to work on flying lead changes and other movements to advance to the Third Level.

Robin Cummins. Photo provided by Jessica Farren Photography

Region 7: Katrina Lotti (CA): Member of the California Dressage Society. Katrina will spend five days training with Craig Stanley to work on rider biomechanics and suppleness with her horse.

Katrina Lotti

Region 7: Lynda Palmer (CA): Member of the California Dressage Society. Lynda will be working with Sarah Lockman for five days. She plans on showing Prix St. Georges in 2022 and will work on maximizing her horse’s gaits and creating cohesiveness with her horse.

Lynda Palmer. Photo provided by Terri Miller

Region 8: Cynthia Spear (ME): Member of the State of Maine Dressage Association. Cynthia plans to spend seven days with Tanya Rennie. Her goal is to work on the transition to Second Level.

Cynthia Spear

Region 9: Naima Lowe (OK): Member of the Central Plains Dressage Society and the Oklahoma Dressage Society. Naima plans to spend seven days with Den Burdette. Her goals include building her confidence, stamina, and flexibility and to begin showing First Level this fall.

Naima Lowe

Region 9: Kerry Evans (AR): Member of the Arkansas Dressage Society. Kerry will be spending a week with Patty Hale. Her training program includes work to strengthen riding shoulder-in, renvers, and travers, and to build her confidence with riding off-site of her normal barn.

Kerry Evans

For more information about The Dressage Foundation and the Gifted Fund Grants for Adult Amateurs, visit or contact Sara Weiss, TDF’s Director of Grants and Programs, at (402) 434-8585 or