Live vs. Online Horse Betting

There is growing evidence that gambling, in all its forms, is on the rise in the United States. A recent Gallup Poll revealed that close to 70% of Americans viewed gambling as socially acceptable, and almost two-thirds admitted to indulging at some point in the previous 12 months. You can be sure that a good number of these players are betting in horse races. 

Horse race betting is as old as the sport itself, and many bettors have won life-changing amounts here. The race track has always been the default gambling venue for most, but the internet has given birth to online betting. Now, is it still worth making the trip to the track to place a bet? We look at this question and more in this article. 

The Overall Experience 

 Live horse racing events always attract an impressive crowd; in 2015, the Kentucky Derby was attended by more than 170,000 spectators. There is so much pomp and fanfare around big horse races that the nostalgic atmosphere alone is an event in itself. If you add going up to the window, placing your bet, and then collecting your earnings, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything to top that. 

You can only get this thrilling experience at the track. Online horse betting is good, yes. But to be honest, the experience falls far short of what we are talking about here. 


Most people are looking for the most convenient way to conduct their daily activities; this is a scientific fact. Be it shopping, learning, working, and even gambling, the path of least resistance is the one that attracts most people. Only online horse betting provides this level of convenience.

As long as you are at the track, it’s easy to place a wager on your favorite horse. You need only walk up to the window, give the cashier your money, and you are done. But with online horse betting, you don’t even need to leave your bed. Players have access to international horse racing markets in the comfort of home or wherever they are. You can bet on a race in Durban while you are sitting at the beach in Miami. What could be more convenient than that?

Access to the best online horse betting odds

If you ask any serious bettor, they’ll tell you online horse gambling is all about the odds. If you plan on enjoying any success in this endeavor, you need to find the best odds and bookmakers. Finding odds from different bookmakers is not an easy task when betting live. Can you picture yourself moving from one race track to the other just to find the best numbers?

This is where betting online also trumps wagering at the track. Basketballinsiders guide to the best online horse betting sites reviewed by trusted experts will help you find the most common horse racing betting terms explained, as well as popular horse racing betting systems.

Horse Betting Bonuses 

If you have been around the gambling scene for a while, you will know that the best bonuses are found online. It’s the same with horse betting, and many players take advantage of these offers every day. While it is generally not a wise idea to form your opinion on any site based on bonuses, we see no reason you can’t use these offers to extend your bankroll. 

Live race tracks cannot offer bonuses to players, well, not the ones as generous as what you get online anyway. This is because land-based businesses always have huge overheads. So they have to think about keeping the lights on before worrying about bonus offers. 

Horse Betting and Responsible Gaming 

Gambling is a fun pastime enjoyed by many people, and most players take part in it with no issues at all. But there is a risk in wagering real money and hoping that fate rewards you if and when it sees fit. Latest reports indicate that three out of five American gamblers suffer from some form of gambling addiction. The severity varies, but the risk and ultimate impact are the same. 

It is easy to fall into gambling addiction if you are betting at the race track. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to make rash decisions that you will regret later. Online horse betting allows you to place controls on how much you gamble, and you can limit the amount of money you deposit every month and even how long you spend online. 

The best approach to horse betting 

Who says you have to settle for one option when you can enjoy both worlds? We have established that live horse racing is most enjoyable at the track, and players can sink deep into the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the action. But tnline services are unmatched. 
So, while you can get down to the race track and enjoy the race with your friends, you can research and place your bets online. Not only will you enjoy live horse racing with your friends, but you will also have access to the best safety features and online horse betting data.

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