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Reasons to trust essay writing services

One of the many wonderful things that technological advances have brought into the lives of students is the variety of online study helpers. This business is growing rapidly as more and more users enter the market every day. And if you type in searches for such services, you’ll see hundreds of options.

Why do students entrust important tasks like academic assignments to outside assistants? There are good reasons, and more importantly, reputable writing companies match them. 

Qualifications. When a student thinks I need someone to write my essay, they want someone who has to be better at writing essays than he is. Decent writing companies that he pays to write his essays have a staff of competent writers. 

Time. There is a constant shortage of time in college. Finding a few hours to write an essay is not easy, but it has always required more time. In-house professionals will have no such problems.

The results. Let’s be honest – we are not experts in every field. A student often needs a guarantee of excellent grades, but many are unsure of their knowledge. 

The conclusion is clear: students turn to academic writing companies because the best teams are able to provide high quality services.

What is a reasonable fee for academic writing services?

Price is always a decisive factor. Despite the understanding that quality has its price and a free service will never be truly free, students look for cheaper options. Searches such as ‘write me my essay cheap’ are among Google’s popular search keywords. How do writing companies respond to these needs? 

In fact, the best services can write essays for a small fee. They charge a fee per page, and the most popular assignments, such as essays, are not very long. In addition, the best teams always offer extra money to make it cheaper. This can be some sort of essay discount code or a personal discount activated on request. 

Typically, the average price per page essay for a college student is around $12-15 for a 7-day timeframe. On longer timeframes, the rates are even lower.

Some popular essay writing services to consider 

There are many essay writing services online that will handle all aspects of the writing process, including submitting articles, the writing itself and even the editing process.

We present the top best essay writing services that are trusted by students and are quite popular:


1. is a popular online writing company that is great for those who “write my essay”. It combines the most sought-after features: an impressive range of services, reasonable prices and a personalized approach. The company selects writers according to high standards, ensuring exceptional quality of the results they receive. 

Why choose

  • Only original essays and other articles.
  • Full protection of user privacy and anonymity. 
  • Balance of price and quality is a clear advantage of this company – you get great quality at an affordable price and you don’t have to worry about the result


This is a fairly young but established company. It is extremely user-oriented, offering all kinds of academic essays and other college papers at affordable prices. The prices here are below average and the speed of work is impressive. 

Why choose

  • Free access to essay examples and templates. 
  • Discuss the work directly with your writer. 
  • Keep an eye on your order and receive it immediately. 
  • Standard prices and discounts allow you to take advantage of this service even for urgent tasks.

3. is a company that takes the issue of originality very seriously. The authors of this company focus on writing essays that contain original (but valid) statements, arguments and conclusions. Working closely with users, this essay writing company provides quality, informative and memorable essays on any topic. 

Why choose

  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Complete information about the writers and you can contact them directly. 
  • Ability to edit requirements and task settings. 

The service compiles all the most in-demand academic papers, including term papers and homework on all subjects. It offers its customers the opportunity to hire experts and rely on their expertise. The results of such cooperation are worthwhile.


The resource has its own distinctive features and can hardly be mixed with other standard template-based neutral websites. As for the range of services, specialises in all college papers with a focus on essays of all types. 

Why choose

  • Ability to get a personalised quote before placing the actual order. 
  • Flexible pricing and reasonable rates. 
  • Helping different types of assignments, including complex ones. 
  • Custom writing and editing services for your needs. 
  • Considering that contacting such services a few hours before the deadline is not common, you can turn to with full confidence that you will get an essay of proper quality in time.


As the name suggests, specialises in providing help with different types of documents. The company provides writing services, consultations and examples. It covers both university and professional applications. 

Why choose

  • An impressive list of successful applications. 
  • A team of experienced and highly skilled writers. 
  • Adjustment of personal statements to suit a person’s skills and strengths. 
  • Discounts. 

Apart from writing “traditional” for such services essays, research papers, term papers, etc. also provides help with other papers. Among other things, the service has proven itself in dealing with personal statements, resumes, cover letters, referrals and letters of recommendation.

Thus, by using you can not only get a college degree with good grades without much hassle, but also get a job without much trouble.

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