Plaidcast 264: Pam Saul & Ashley Black by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services



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Piper and Traci Brooks are joined by Pam Saul to discuss bookkeeping for equestrian businesses and Ashley Black to talk about health and wellness for horse & rider. Brought to you by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services. Listen in!


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  • Hosts: Piper Klemm of The Plaid Horse Magazine and Traci Brooks
  • Title Sponsor: Taylor, Harris Insurance Services
  • Pictured: Piper Klemm and Traci Brooks
  • Guest: Pam Saul, Pam Saul is a Certified Bookkeeper with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers and a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. She has over 30 years of experience with bookkeeping needs for the equestrian business owner. Having been the sister that kept her family’s Rolling Acres Farm books for countless years, Pam branched out when she realized the need for knowledgeable and skilled bookkeeping services in the agricultural and equine industries. Pam’s background and training gives her a unique perspective on the pulse of current agricultural/equine business trends and services in the agricultural and equine industries, which she puts to good use in making books a vital part of any business.
  • Guest: Ashley Black, Ashley Black is a #1 best-selling author and inventor of the myofascial tool phenomenon, the FasciaBlaster®. At a young age, Ashley was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) which would come in waves of debilitating pain throughout her childhood. She spent her youth in and out of doctorʼs offices and was told she would need a wheelchair by age 25. Determined this would not be her fate, she developed her own coping mechanisms to control her flare-ups and found that food charting, hot and cold baths, self-massaging, stretching, and strength training were effective means of pain management and later invented the FasciaBlaster.
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