Watch, Listen and Learn With Andre’s Take

Andre Dignelli ringside with student Kenner Scalamandre. Photo by Art of Eq Photos

Andre Dignelli’s Heritage Farm won its 11th USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals – East when student Natalie Jayne took the title in 2021. Leading one of the largest and most accomplished operations in the country, with riders succeeding at every level of the sport, Dignelli has stamped himself as one of the most respected trainers in the industry.

Over the course of the last year, Dignelli has verbalized his desire to reach more riders—to give back to a sport that has given him so much and to not forget his own roots as a working student. One of the ways he has done that is through his social media series “Andre’s Take,” in which, during every week of the Winter Equestrian Festival, he breaks down a round of a Heritage Farm student in a variety of divisions, sharing insight into what made the round strong and where the rider could improve.

These videos are all but free riding lessons. Get a few of them here, and watch all of them at Heritage Farm’s Instagram account.

Samantha Takacs & Eretto, WIHS Hunter Phase, WEF Premiere 2022

Andre’s Take returns for 2022 to introduce a new partnership as Samantha Takacs and Eretto jump to second honors and a score of 88 in the WIHS Hunter Phase at WEF Premiere.

Natalie Jayne & Charisma, WEF Equitation Championship

Andre breaks down how Natalie Jayne and Charisma won the 2021 WEF Equitation Championship—without a trainer ringside.

Hanna Dolan & Cool, USEF Medal, WEF 8 2021

Andre sheds insight on how to prepare a rider for her first Big Eq outing at a venue like WEF.

Natalie Jayne & Charisma, WEC Equitation Cup Classic

Andre shares his experience from his first trip to the World Equestrian Center – Ocala for the inaugural WEC Equitation Cup Classic.

Eliza Kimball & Vistano, Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3″ Handy, WEF 3 2021

Andre analyzes a round from the hunter ring, as Eliza Kimball and Vistano take the win in the Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3″ handy at WEF 3.

Brianne Beerbaum & Rashinga, Large Pony Hunter Handy, WEF 4 2021

Andre takes us to Pony Island to break down Brianne Beerbaum (daughter of Meredith-Michaels Beerbaum) in the Large Ponies and get a glimpse of the future of the sport.

Alida Treuting & Insilvio del Maset, USEF Medal, WEF 2 2021

Andre sheds insight on the variety of options available in this Medal course and how working student Alida Treuting tackled them with Heritage Farm’s Insilvio del Maset.