Betting on Horse Racing In The United States

Horse racing betting, although not considered betting in the classic sense, is one of the oldest kinds of sports betting on the whole globe. In truth, betting on horse racing legally has existed in the United States since the early 1800s, with racetracks dating back to the mid-nineteenth century still in operation.

Although track visitation has declined in recent years, the overall popularity of betting on horses has increased significantly during the last 150 years. Standardbred races, harness races, and Thoroughbred races are all popular among American horse racing gamblers.

The Kentucky Derby, was originally staged back in the ‘80s and remains the top pure-bred horse meet in the world, is the longest continuously held sports event in US history. The Kentucky Derby isn’t simply horse racing’s Super Bowl; it’s a worldwide event with no genuine counterpart. The Derby & the great sport it symbolizes, is a highlighted event for most bettors and other sports players. To put it another way, the Kentucky Derby will ensure that horse racing remains important for many years to come.

Is it legal to bet on horse races in the USA?

Yes, betting on horse races is allowed in the USA, the only major stumbling block is deciding where to bet. Horse race betting is available in the majority of states. Although not all of the mentioned states have operating racetracks, the majority of them do, and most of them also have off-track betting sites for people who live in places remote from active tracks. That being said, there are still some states where betting is not completely legal. The Palmetto State is the only state in the United States with horse race tracks where betting is not permitted, although Alabama, Connecticut, and Rhode Island do not have tracks but  allow simulcast wagering. If one would like to bet on horse races where it is deemed illegal, they can opt for using offshore sites. To understand the subject of offshore and how it works, we found a trustworthy and reliable source that list the best offshore sportsbooks on sportslens providing a broader understanding of which sites have the best deals!

Horse race betting is pari-mutuel rather than traditional sports betting.This is why the activity has always been regarded as operationally separate from house-banked sports betting. Horse race betting is not considered gambling in many jurisdictions, which is treated similarly to a lottery. As a result, the normal minimum age for horse betting is 18.

Due to its payment structure, horse racing is not like sports betting. Payouts in horse race betting are not predetermined. Instead, they are determined by all other wagers made in a certain betting pool. The track deducts its rake from the top and distributes the remaining funds proportionally. If someone is used to betting on  horse racing, the most important thing one should understand is that the figures on the score board do not guarantee  prospective profits.

Legally Betting On Horses

As previously stated, one can legally wager on horses almost anyplace. Horse racing betting is available at racetracks, off-track betting facilities, and casinos in forty US states, and thirty-seven states have operating tracks. South Carolina is the lone state in the US with horse race tracks that does not allow wagering, whereas Connecticut, Alabama and Rhode Island do not have tracks but do instead allow simulcast.

The following states forbid horse racing betting at the moment:

Mississippi, Alaska, Vermont, South Carolina, Utah, Wisconsin, Kansas, North Carolina, Washington, D.C, Georgia, Hawaii.

With states like North Carolina,  on the verge of legalizing betting on horse racing (in this era of betting legalization, additional states may follow suit soon), one may still bet on the horses at any time. This is because neither state nor federal law prohibits horseplayers from placing bets on offshore racebooks through the Internet.

Are local races available online? 

Year-round, online sports betting firms provide betting lines for almost all races. Betting on horse racing is a prominent kind of wagering, and online sportsbooks often provide betting lines for many athletic events.The greatest feature is that players may locate local races at different bookies, enabling them to match odds . This is referred to as line buying. It should be emphasized, however, that a retail simulcast-ready racetrack or OTB would provide more local and regional activity than a regulated sportsbook.

Using a mobile phone to play on horse races

Going through the ticketing procedure to place your bets is a highlight of every horse racing stadium visit. Anyone who is at all interested in horse betting should take part in this centuries-old ritual. A racetrack may be too far away from where you live, or you may not be able to visit one at all as frequently as you’d want. Horse racing betting on the fly is a blessing for these people. It is possible to utilize your preferred online racebook from anywhere in the United States with mobile horse racing gambling.


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