Stable View in Aiken Postponing ‘A’ Rated $400,000 H/J Challenge Series due to Restrictive Mileage Rule

Photo courtesy of Stable View Facebook Page. Photo © Still Co.

AIKEN, SC, FEBRUARY 2, 2022—Stable View, an award-winning equestrian facility in Aiken, SC horse country has revised its planned 2022 ‘A’-Rated $400,000 H/J Challenge Series following discussions surrounding potential changes to USEF’s Mileage Rule. The current mileage rule prohibits shows from being held within a 250-mile radius of each for premier (AA) and national (A) rated shows.

In recent years (2020 and 2021), Stable View has hosted Regional ‘B’ rated Hunters with Level 3 Jumpers. As a result of a present inability to obtain permission to run national ‘A’ on any dates during 2022, the venue has decided not to run its proposed 2022 ‘A’ rated H/J Challenge Series. The Stable View Challenge Series was to be held over six weekends during 2022 with $400,000 in prize money.

Rather than consider running under the auspices of another association, Stable View has made the decision to wait until there are available USEF dates. As a result, for 2022 Stable View will run its proposed ‘A’ dates as ‘B’ dates. The prize money will be reduced from $400,000 to $100,000.

2022 ‘B’ Rated H/J Challenge Series dates are scheduled as follows:

April 15-17, Spring Classic

June 2-5, Summer Classic I

June 30-July 3, Summer Classic II

August 4-7, Fall Classic I

September 29-October 2, Fall Classic II Finale

“Having been patient and having taking advice from many stakeholders, I believe that the present situation where a handful of facilities have control of the dates thus restricts when new facilities can compete,” said Barry Olliff, co-owner of the the USEF Elite-designated training center with his wife Cyndy. “This is unsustainable. I believe that competition is good and that protectionist tendencies are un-American, bad, and not in the interest of the sport, riders, sponsors or owners. If there is a need for a mileage exemption, let it be 100 miles and let new entrepreneurial facilities prove their worth in what would be an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our hope is that during 2022, relevant parties will sort out what would seem to be an untenable situation.”

In the event that during 2022, any of the proposed ‘B’ dates can become ‘A’ dates, Stable View will amend the program accordingly. As a result of the short period before the first previously planned show on March 18-20, this date has been cancelled.

About Stable View

Sprawling over 1,000 acres of gently rolling hills bordered by canopies of forest, Stable View preserves a vital ecosystem and cultivates a sense of community among those who have discovered the many ways to enjoy it. Therefore, Stable View has become “a gathering place” for its broad appeal—an inspiring backdrop for equestrian athletes, nature lovers, and professional or recreational retreats—connecting a growing town uniquely situated at the intersection of economic development and rural legacy. Stable View is a proud recipient of the Southeast Regional Land Conservancy’s inaugural Land Stewardship Award, the LEED Gold Certification, and is a designated USEF Elite Training Center.

For more information contact: Barry Olliff, (215) 313-3774 or visit