Picking the Right Horse for You

Betting on a horse race can turn out to be a profitable exercise. However, if you are not equipped with the right tips and tricks, it can also be frustrating and unpredictable. There is no sure win in horse racing. However, with a good analysis, your odds can improve greatly. 

For starters, each race will include a form guide which might be confusing at first, but after you understand what it all means, this can help you analyse your betting strategy. Apart from this form guide, this article will give you all the information that you need to know before betting on a horse in a race. 

Analysing the Form Guide 

You will be able to get a good picture of the horse by the information that is provided in the form guide. It is important to check this data before horse betting at some of the top-rated casino sites that you can find here. This will be your starting point. 

Stall/Gate Position 

Though not all races begin from stalls, most do. This is important as some stalls might have an impact on races. As a general rule, a sprint race will favour an outside stall position while longer route races will favour an inside stall position. 

Take a look at previous races 

This is key information at previous races should not be taken with a pinch of salt. Many factors can influence the place that a horse finishes in a race and that is why analysis is key here. Do this analysis before betting on horses as the circumstances might be different in this race. When analysing the data, look out for patterns and dig deep. If a horse consistently places well two times in a row, it is a good horse to bet on. Look for horses with a winning streak and bet on those. 

Days since last race 

Look out for well-rested horses but not too well-rested. The sweet spot is considered to be around 30-60 days. A horse that has been off for a considerable amount of time might not be in his peak fitness level. On the other hand, a horse that is due for a well-needed break might be exhausted and will probably not be the winning horse of the race. 

Watch out for distance and course wins 

Take a look at horses that have previously won at the distance of the same race that you will be betting on. 

Official ranking 

This is how each horse is ranked according to experts in the field. Some people will choose to use this factor as their benchmark when betting. A higher number equals a higher ranking. Don’t skip your research here. A horse’s weight plays a huge role as too much weight will make it even more difficult for a horse to win. 

Other things to consider 

Analyse your horse 

Before placing your bet on a horse, take a good look at him. Does he look tired or agitated? Does he look healthy and strong? Data will tell you so much, but horses are living creature with moods, sicknesses, etc. Looking at your horse on the day will give you an idea of how the horse is feeling and whether or not he is in good spirits. 

Value bet

Look at the horse that is paying high odds, compared to what you have concluded from your research, to come up with their chance of winning. Here, you want the best value for money. 

Most people have different preferences on which data is more important to them before placing their bet on their chosen horse. Play around with your betting after you have done your own research. Horse betting is still gambling which means that there is no winning formula. Our suggestion is to make informed choices and have fun with it!

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