Skylar Wireman Drives Away with WEC Premier Equitation Cup Championship

Skylar Wireman & Charisma win the Premier Equitation Cup Championship. Photo Courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.

Edited Press Release

The 2022 Winter Spectacular Show Series showcased the Premier Equitation Cup Championship, where 82 talented junior athletes took to the WEC Grand Arena to test over a traditional three-phase Equitation format with jump’s set to 3’6”. Skylar Wireman, a highly decorated junior equitation rider out of Bonsall, California and Heritage Farm’s Charisma (Stakkato x Cassini I) emerged victorious, leaving the class with a brand new 2021 Ford Explorer and the Premier Cup Title. Trainer bonuses totally $100,000 were also awarded during the class with Wireman’s trainer, Andre Dignelli taking home the lionshare of $40,000.

Renowned course designer, Bobby Murphy of Lexington, Kentucky created the elaborate tracks that featured multiple stunning hedge walls, a Swedish oxer double combination and stunning arch standards. “It’s the Premier Equitation Cup Championship. The word Championship is the key here,” he said. “We gave the arena a championship look, we had championship level competitors, we had a champion at the end and a champion trainer. Skylar rode beautifully tonight. She made the second course look easy, then proved herself there in the test. I asked a lot of very challenging questions in today’s tracks, and I think overall it was a magnificent class where each rider was able to take something away.”

Augusta Iwasaki & Cohiba VDL making an impression in the first round of the Premier Equitation Cup Championship. Photo courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.

The Premier Equitation Cup Championship kicked off on Saturday afternoon with an over fences phase that showcased an intricate track that allowed riders to show off their horse’s brilliance. Skylar Wireman, Augusta Iwasaki, Jake Endicott and Christian Dominguez caught both of the judges’ eyes early on.

The top 20 riders were brought back to the WEC Grand Arena to complete the flat phase where the athletes took to the rail. The judges asked quite a few questions such as a counter canter in both directions and to drop their irons. All four athletes continued to stand out, with Wireman leading the pack.

Jake Endicott & Izar earning second place in the WEC Grand Arena. Photo courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.

The Premier Equitation Cup Championship returned to the WEC Grand Arena under lights for the second jumping phase, where riders were given an even more elaborate track than the first. Jake Endicott of Rancho Santa Fe, California and Kyle Timm’s Izar were the sixth pair down the ramp to take on the second track, performing an impeccable round to earn high remarks from the judges.

Christian Dominguez & Iwan jumping the out of the double combination to third place. Photo courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.

Just three trips behind, Endicott rode Christian Dominguez and Donald Stewart’s Iwan (Quasimodo VD Molendreef x Katarma). The pair stepped up and made an appearance to ultimately earn a spot in the testing round.

Augusta Iwasaki returned aboard Ashland Farm’s Cohiba VDL (Chacco-Blue x Acorda), finding each distance out of stride challenging final rider, Wireman, to best her flawless round.

Skylar Wireman & Charism jumping Bobby Murphy’s gorgeous hedge box in the Premier Equitation Cup Championship. Photo courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.

Skylar Wireman and Charisma were the final pair down the ramp into the WEC Grand Arena, navigating a foot-by-foot perfect round, to keep top spot on the judge’s cards.

After the second round, the judges asked the top four riders Jake Endicott, Christian Dominguez, Augusta Iwasaki and Skylar Wireman to return for a final test: an even more challenging track that asked riders to trot a fence, hand gallop, halt and hold a counter lead in a tidy roll back.

Skylar Wireman standing atop the podium after winning the Premier Equitation Cup Championship. Photo courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.

Endicott, Dominguez and Iwaski all delivered solid rounds, but none could best Wireman and Charisma’s impeccable test. The pair easily completed each challenging question in perfect form, to ultimately earn Wireman the Premier Cup Title and a brand new SUV.

“I flew in yesterday from California,” Wireman said. “I have been looking forward to this class or quite a while now. Ever since I heard about the class last year, I’ve wanted to compete here.

“I am so thankful to be able to ride Charisma in this class,” she continued. “He’s truly the best horse in the country. I knew I was going in with a reliable partner, so my goal was to just lay down, nice, solid trips to put myself in the pack. I was sitting in top on the second round, which was super exciting, but I tried not to get a head of myself. Then going into the work-off I was able to see the challenges that other riders faced, so my goal was to stay consistent and Charisma was right there with me.”

Skylar Wireman giving her trainer Andre Dignelli a hug after her win in the Premier Equitation Cup Championship. Photo courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.

“I was here for this class last year so I had an idea of what to expect,” Dignelli said. “You need a brave horse, because you have a lot of equipment, decoration and beautiful jumps. You need a careful horse, certainly Charisma is all of that and more. We picked this class to peak into a nice moment. I think it is exciting that this facility is getting on everyone’s calendars, whether it’s for the money, the car or both. But, in the end the production of the class, feels important, looks special and we are very grateful to be here.”

Wireman took her new wheels out for a spin with her winning trainer, Dignelli. “I was having a little too much fun [with the car]. I don’t have a car of my own yet, so this is very exciting,” she said. “I tried to keep myself focused on the courses but had the car in my eyesight while riding around the arena.”

Wireman’s mother Shayne Wireman, a well known trainer in her own right, was also in attendance. “I wasn’t going to come, because I had student’s showing at Thermal, but I just couldn’t miss this,” she said. “This was a big dream of Skylar’s to come and show here and I am so happy to be able to experience it with her.”

Premier Equitation Cup Championship Results:

1.Skylar Wireman, Charisma
2. Jake Endicott, Izar
3. Christian Dominguez, Iwan
4. Augusta Iwasaki, Cohiba VDL
5. Ellie Aronson, Conthacco
6. Isabella David, Clover
7. Zayna Rizvi, Finnick
8. Tessa P. Brown, Davide
9. Tessa Downey, HH Moonshine
10. Emily Dehoff, Quathageno
11. Luke Jensen, Jamaica
12. Elizabeth Cram, Ivano S

Photos courtesy of Andrew Ryback Photography.
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