Horse Racing vs Casino Games

An age-old debate among gamers and gamblers the world over, the question of whether horse racing or casino games are better has shaped many discussions since time immemorial.

Whilst some prefer the serendipity of the racetrack, others swear by the seemingly more controllable variables that make up a game of poker. Then there are those truly wild souls for whom the thrill of the roulette table or a quality slot game is incomparable. For these people, there is nothing like a selection of live roulette games to get the pulse racing.

In order to truly get a grasp of the horse racing vs casino games debate, we must first establish the key differences between these two extremely popular forms of online betting.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the great debate of which is better; horse racing v casino games…

What is the main difference between horse racing and casino games?

Essentially, both of these pursuits involve the wagering of money in the hope of winning more money. However, horse racing and casino games pose different problems to potential players.

Let’s start with horse racing, perhaps the world’s most common form of sports betting and, certainly, the most traditional. In this type of gambling, punters place money on a horse or horses to win a race based on their odds and the punter’s knowledge of the sport or of a particular hose/jockey/trainer/racetrack. For many who prefer to bet on horse racing, the superiority of this type of gambling lies in the skill and knowledge involved in choosing a winner.

In contrast, casino games tend to rely much more on chance rather than skill, although this is of course not always the case, as poker players would very quickly tell you. In fact, even more overtly chance games like roulette and slot machines have a certain knack to them and seasoned players have reported getting to know the behavior of certain games or even roulette wheels.

The debate: Which is better out of horse racing and casino games?

Whilst fanatics of both would argue forever about the merits of their respective pursuits, the reality is that horse racing and casino games are two very different styles of gambling that have their own positives and negatives to consider.

Horse racing, for example, relies on many variables such as the horse, the jockey, the trainer, the track and more besides. This can make consistently predicting a winner a very difficult prospect indeed. Yet seasoned horse racing gamblers can become very skilled and make a lot of money in this sport, because, ultimately, knowledge is power.

Conversely, the majority of casino games rely purely on chance for their appeal, which draws in many players too. Especially with slot games and roulette, the prospect of a win is so far out of any real control from the player that many enthusiasts find this to be a much bigger thrill than sports betting. 

In contrast again, casino games like poker combine both the serendipity of the slots with the skill of sports betting to create what is perhaps the ultimate gambling pursuit. Indeed, it is no coincidence that the biggest winners of all in gambling are the top tier poker players in the world.


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