Seven reasons why the betting app is more convenient than the web version

Betting came a long way from the small windows with tickets at horse runs to technology leaps thirty to twenty years ago. First, PCs became a standard in every household, and then the high-speed internet stopped being a wonder for most of us. Smartphones also made different apps a norm, replacing the clunky computer with a small and elegant device, which can be placed in a pocket.

Indeed, bookmakers were one of the first to get into this market and continue introducing new technologies. This is why smartphone apps are more convenient, but some specific functions make them superior.

Live Betting

The most successful bettors know that the best odds come while watching games live. Be prepared that every app doesn’t support this option, so you will have to locate the ones that provide such an opportunity, for example, at the list.

Live betting is a line that opens when a game starts and supplies the player with many different opportunities of odds, changing through the match.

Promotions and Rewards

The apps are more convenient in case of using special bonuses. Most of them have a particular page or section to store and use such offers. It is fast, suitable, and better to use than the web version of most sites.


Speaking of differences between using a bookmaker on PC and mobile, one huge advantage is obvious: you can use an app anywhere you are. The user will need a smartphone and the internet to make a bet.

User Interface (UI)

Even some big companies don’t think they need the app for their product and provide only an option to use a modified web page to fit on the smartphone screen. Although it’s altered to work on mobile, there is no certainty that the interface will work well on all devices. It can also be difficult for developers to transfer all the functionality of the web version comfortably to the mobile version.

The developers have just created apps to improve the betting experience on smartphones.

Push Notifications

One of the most important aspects of betting is reaction speed. The faster the user responds to the odds change in live, the better the results. To win a couple of seconds against the competition, the bookmaker player should use every advantage he can. One of the benefits is provided by the apps in push notifications. They remind the bettor when the game begins, the critical result changes, such as goals and red cards, and help modify the strategy on the go.

App security

Every person, who entrusts the funds and personal information to the company, should think about their account’s private security and safety. While bookmakers spend enormous budgets to ensure the protection of web pages, apps are also secure. They are under the two-step verification, the developers update them then it’s needed, and the user can download the certified installer only from a trusted source. Usually, it’s the bookmaker’s official website.

Live streaming

Some users install betting apps with the intent to watch sports activities live. It’s convenient to use your smartphone if you’re far from home, don’t have other options of game coverage, such as bars, and still would like to check the match live. Moreover, betting apps can give much more than the stream in many instances. They were created to store the sports events results, the statistics, and such, which helps bettors analyze and strategize while putting their money on one team.