Top Sites with Horse Racing Tips

If we always think that only the Premier League contributes to the UK’s image, we are totally wrong since horse racing is incredibly successful making this country the best racing destination. This entertaining activity has been around since Roman times but has remained the most attractive in this country. 

Nonetheless, since skill is involved in betting on horse racing, many factors should be taken into consideration to become successful punters. The more effective tips the bettors get from the professional tipsters, the more chance they will have to be the winners. Love horse racing and want fully and free research tips and advice? Here are the top sites with horse racing tips from the best tipsters.


Founded on 18 October 1922, the British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC is a public service broadcaster headquartered in London. This world’s most popular broadcaster started as a British Broadcasting Company and since 1 January 1927, it has been known as British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC is one of the most-watched television broadcasts not only in the UK but also throughout the world. 

On its website, this old company also has launched a new horse racing page to provide a greater experience for the punters whether they are on their computer or mobile devices. Through this page, the readers are able to inform themselves about the horse racing results but the most interesting are the tips and advice provided by professionals. They are, therefore, able to receive outstanding horse racing tips from this new page making their bet easier and funnier.


Among the well-reputed platforms in the UK that help people to choose the best gambling websites, CasinoGap is a name experimented in this field. Created by Bradley Oliva (the creator of the self-exclusion scheme Gamstop in the UK), this genius noticed that the UK-based players or punters need serious and effective tricks and tips regarding the betting and gambling areas. 

This creator also added in the website’s lists a page to the horse racing bettors allowing them to benefit from the various skills and suggestions that they should know. In this platform, the best horse racing tipsters disclose their advice for both newcomers and professional ones. This site deserves to be visited as it is considered to be the best destination for gamblers and punters.


Betfair is probably one of the most recognized platforms in the world of betting that has offered its services to global gamblers. The firm was founded by Andrew Black and Edward Wray in 2000 and since it has become the biggest online betting exchange. Aside from offering a Sportsbook, online poker, online casino, and online bingo, BetFair is the best place to enjoy horse racing events. 

In fact, with top-notch horse racing offers, the bettors will be able to see the odds themselves with more than 248 horse racing events. It won’t stop there, since the members will also take advantage of the ultimate horse racing strategy guides. When it comes to horse racing, Betfair helps people to experience and inform them about everything they want to know.

The Guardian

The Guardian is also another good place to appreciate free horse racing tips. Founded in 1821, this British daily newspaper also created a new site that enables people around the world to be aware of the international news and current events. Previously, The Guardian was called The Manchester Guardian but it changed its name in 1959. 

Based on the survey, this biggest platform has reached more than 110 million unique browsers worldwide monthly and has continued to grow its audience. With the news agenda changing throughout the day and night, the site provides people a more compact view. Regarding the horse racing pages, the free advice and tips packed with the specified bets from a variety of well-known racebooks can be found on this platform.


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