Riding Clothes: How to Choose the Right Uniform for Your Child?


Riding clothes are an important element of each rider’s outfit. Its task is not only to decorate the image of the child but also to provide him with comfort and convenience. That’s why buying the right clothes is not the same as randomly gambling at NationalCasino Canada, as this process has many rules, and these are the main ones. 

Things to Know While Choosing Riding Clothes

When selecting riding clothes, you must remember that horseback riding is not the safest activity. During it, a huge number of mishaps happen, which can be dealt with by buying the right things. For example, a child can:

  • Rub a blister. While riding a horse, children do a huge amount of the same type of body movements. They rub their feet on the horse, the saddle, and other items of equipment. Because of this, children can get blisters.
  • Get chafing. This can negatively affect the child’s health later in life. Wounds will begin to bleed. And it will be uncomfortable for the child to train. He will not be able to practice for several days. 
  • Get a dislocation. Most often this happens because of this, that the child’s clothes are too narrow. To avoid dislocation, you need to buy loose things. They should not rub on the baby’s legs and arms, or hinder his movements.
  • Get an allergy on the skin. It occurs if the child wears clothes of poor quality, which has no ventilation system. It does not let air through. And does not allow the skin to breathe.
  • To avoid this, you need to buy high-quality clothes with a maximum level of comfort and no seams.

Requirements for Riding Clothes

Quality of Tailoring

Riding clothes should be sewn with high quality. It should not have bulging seams. These elements should be internal. 

If the seams are hidden, the child will not get blisters or chafing. Accordingly, he will not feel discomfort when riding.

Riding Clothes Should Be Loose

Do not buy your child riding clothes that restrict his movements. Or it sits on him too tightly.

In the future, because of this the baby may have problems. The clothes will constantly rub his feet and hands. Blisters and chafing will appear. 

In small clothes, the child will be uncomfortable playing sports. And you will have to buy a new set of clothes. 

What Color to Choose for Riding

For horseback riding it is better to buy clothes in black. Or other strict shades. This is necessary so that the child does not get his clothes dirty when falling from the horse or coming into contact with a dirty horse. 

Clothing in black is practical. If a child gets dirty, the stain on it will not be visible. In addition, black clothes are easier to wash off dirt.

Buy Clothes With a Minimum Number of Fasteners

Buy riding clothes with a minimum number of fasteners. It should have as few clips, buttons and other fixing elements as possible.

While riding, the athlete makes sudden movements on the horse. He is constantly moving. Because of this clothing can tear. She will fly off a button or clasp. This is fraught with consequences. 

A clasp that flies off into the horse can excite him. The horse will start jumping, kicking. And may even throw your child off the saddle.