The Best Horse Breeds for Horse Racing

Horse racing is an ancient sport that has carried the famous activity of horse betting and come forward to witness new heights of success. Over the years, the sport has not only changed but has also evolved to fit into a modern element that is turning out to be famous by the day. While the noise and excitement around horse betting remain to be the main subject matter, there’s more to the conversation, i.e. horse breeds. 

Only a select few horse breeds enter these races and move forward to provide the kind of competition that everyone needs. So let’s go through these breeds and explore them. 

  • American Quarter Horse  

Being able to run at a speed of 88mph is no small feat that one can ignore. The American Quarter Horse is not only one of the most famous breeds of horse in America 

but is also turning out to be quite popular around the world. Originating in colonial America 200 years ago, these horses got their names mainly due to the distance that they covered.

  • Thoroughbreds 

It’s hard to think of another breed of horses that dominate the industry as much as the Thoroughbred from the United Kingdom. Famous for being intelligent, fast and friendly, this breed of horse can be traced by looking at its long and muscular legs. In terms of colours, they are mostly found in black, bay, grey, chestnut and so on.

  • Standardbred Horses 

Standardbred Horses is another breed that comes from the United States of America (USA). They are muscular, well-built and apart from racing, are also used for horse shows. These horses have a calm temperament and if you spot them in grey colour, you need to know that it is quite rare to do so and a picture is what you must be after. 

  • Arabian Horses 

As you can guess, Arabian Horses originated from the Arabian Peninsula and thanks to years of war and trade, they have been spread all around the world. They are known to be one of the best breeds for racing and are also good for training. Weighing between 350-600 kg, these horses can be found in grey, chestnut, sabino, black and so on. Like a few other breeds, Arabian Horses are also used for activities other than racing, including parades, movies, circuses and more.

  • Appaloosa 

Appaloosa horses come in different colours and weigh between 450-500 kgs. They are apt for Western and English riding and thus, have been trained in the right manner. In terms of height, these horses touch anywhere between 57 to 61 inches and are also used for activities other than racing. For example, you can find this breed being used for barrel racing, pole bending and so on. 

  • Paint Horse 

The Paint Horse is another famous breed of horse to have originated from America. These horses are used for marking and are also known to be intelligent. They are used for performance competitions and can be found in palomino, grey, buckskin, chestnut and various other colours. When it comes to coat patterns, tobiano and overo are the two most popular ones and are distinguished based on the white colouring across their body. 


Being aware of these breeds of horses is quite important, especially if you are into horse racing or would like to be into the sport in the near future. Not only are they an important part of the industry but are more or less the driving force behind everything that happens on the track. 


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