If I were to have a penny for every forum publication I read that began within a manner similar to “Can you make money from betting on sports?” I’d be the wealthiest man on earth. The fact is that if every gambler was always losing money, there could be no market for sports betting. It’s that easy. I am a successful bettor. I don’t need to take out the paper or study statistics all day long. It took a lot of hard effort to reach this level of success. If you’re fed up with losing money and would like to make a profit, read on.

Let me present to you some fundamental facts for the discussion. There are more than 6 billion people around the world. It is estimated that 3 billion of them are adults. Of the adults, just 10% place bets on sporting events. This means that there are 3 million betting on sports. Of the 3 million, just 2 percent earn a living by betting on sports. The rest make losses. Sixty thousand players earn money from betting on sports events to earn money! This is a hugely conservative estimate. It is estimated that more than 200 million people are betting on the Superbowl during a particular year. It’s not only possible to earn a living by betting on sports, but it is happening every single day for real people just like you with betting sites like 22bet mobile.

The three major problems prevent amateur sports bettors from becoming professional and earning money from betting on sports.

  • The most significant issue for people who lose money betting on sports is their disobedience.
  • The third biggest issue is that there is no implementation of any major sports betting system to keep your betting on track and consistent.
  • The third problem is thinking as a square bettor, not the bookmaker.

One of the most effective ways to shed your shirt, in the long run, is to place bets on the chase. The scenario: You thought you were one of those locks evening when you played the opening game. The bet you placed was something that seemed like a joke, or maybe the back door was covered if it took a long time and ended for each team. You became angry, noticed the following game approaching, and decided to double the bet on game two to compensate for the losses you suffered from game one. And, as you had no system in place to ensure you were in control, this game will end up being also a loss, and you’re now losing massively. Everybody has been guilty of this, and I am certainly not an exception. This is the kind of lack of discipline I’m talking about. There will be nights when you lose sleep as your 401k’s value will decrease on certain days. It’s part of the game. Make a bet on just one time, and should it fail, then cut your losses, and then tomorrow is a brand-new day.