Dr. Piper Klemm Discusses Female Entrepreneurship, Equine Education, and her College Courses on The Equestrian College Advisor Live Show 

Dr. Piper Klemm, publisher of The Plaid Horse, returned to the The Equestrian College Advisor Live show on March 7, 2022, where she and Randi C. Heathman discussed female entrepreneurship, grit, toughness, and girl power in equine education. 

The Equestrian College Advisor offers college counseling tailored to riders of all ages, levels, and aspirations. Randi C. Heathman is the Equestrian College Advisor. She is an educational consultant with extensive experience in higher education and the equestrian sport. In the early 2000s, she was the senior assistant director of admission at Albion College while working with Albion’s equestrian team as a mentor and recruiter as the advisor to the team. 

Heathman offers academic advising, college/university list development, career and major advising, essay writing support, assistance with riding recruitment video preparation, admission interview preparation and guidance related to coach contacts, financial aid support and scholarship identification, and speaking engagements on topics relating to the college admission process and collegiate riding. 

On ECA Live, Heathman examines a variety of topics related to college education, collegiate riding, horse showing, and more. Klemm also appeared on ECA Live in 2021, where she discussed her career journey, career options in the horse world, her college courses, and the importance and power of education and opportunity seeking. 

“It’s always great to speak with Randi as we are both passionate about higher education in the equine industry,” says Klemm. “It’s so important to know that education opportunities are everywhere. Whether that be spending some extra time at the barn with your trainer, picking up a new book to read, or taking educational classes such as my Clarkson courses, the more information you are able to consume the better you set yourself up for success in our sport. What Randi offers at ECA is wonderful and I admire her dedication and passion towards her students.” 

Listen to Klemm and Heathman’s talk below. 

“It was great to hear about the unique courses Piper has created for this summer,” says Heathman. “I learn something from Piper every time I speak with her, and it was great to continue talks about our shared interest in women’s entrepreneurship.” 

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