Reel to Real: 8 Inspiring Stories of Movie Horses You Can Relate to

Horses are such magnificent and majestic beings. These movies include classics, big-budget action movies and fast-paced horse-racing too. If none of these interest you, just watching these gentle creatures on screen is like therapy itself, and can teach us a thing or two. 

Most of these movies are centered on the main protagonist – the horse and their character depiction is so intense that in reality, we humans can learn a thing or two from them, such as humility and respect. 

These horse movies are enthralling and enticing for horse lovers or people just looking for inspiration. These movies usually showcase horses in their natural habitat, wild and free as horses should be.  

Surprisingly, these movies and more like it, are palatable for Marvel fans as well. They can watch marvel movies and relate it to the Asgardian horses in a similar manner. The Asgardian horses were sent to Thor to prevent him from initiating a conflict of epic proportions. Today, our article will focus on five such inspiring stories about movie horses we can all relate to. 

Black Beauty (1994)

Plot: An iconic movie, the film features a beautiful black horse called Black Beauty narrated by Alan Cumming. We are shown black beauty’s life right from its birth onwards into adulthood where he falls for another horse called Ginger. The film is beautifully captured with a humanized form brought to the big screen.

SeaBiscuit (2003) 

Plot: Seabiscuit revolves around a racehorses story, at the peak of its career. As soon as Seabiscuit hits 40s, that’s when he realizes that his game might just be over. 

The film is directed by Gary Ross and has also earned seven Oscar nominations. It stars Tobey Maguire and Jeff Bridges.  

The Black Stallion (1973) 

The Black Stallion is an adaptation of the all-time famous children’s book by Walter Farley. The novel was first turned into a movie in 1979. The plot revolves around a boy who is abandoned and shipwrecked on an island with a stunning Arabian stallion and their soon blossoming friendship. The two eventually return home but decide to keep in touch. The stallion is soon trained to be a racehorse. The movie received two Oscar nominations – one for Mickey Rooney and one for the grand film editing. 

The Horse Whisperer (1998)

The film is directed by Robert Redford, who happens to also star in the movie. The movie is an adaptation of the famous 1995 novel by Nicholas Evans. Robert Redford stars in the movie as a horse trainer, known for his impeccable training skills as the “Horse Whisperer”. He tries to help a young girl (Scarlett Johansson) understand horses better. By far, it’s one of Johansson’s more underrated roles and we completely agree! 

Hidalgo (2004) 

This movie was released in 2004 and it’s about Frank Hopkins and his horse names, Hidalgo. The real Hopkins was a seasoned horseman who had supposedly won 400 races. The movie also shows us a horse race in 1891, something that probably was not visualized and shown on screen. The movie is a great option for horse lovers and it’s based on a true story except the ones by Hopkins. His claims were considered hodge-podge by many since he was also a circus performer. 

Lean on Pete (2017) 

A relatively less known entry on our list would be Lean On Pete (2017). The film stars Charlie Plummer as himself, a 15-year-old orphaned due to the sudden death of his father. He soon learns that his pet horse, Pete, is being taken to the slaughterhouse and he decides to steal him. Together, they embark on a fantastic journey as they try to find their way back into the modern world. 

The Silver Stallion 

Plot: this movie is an adaptation of the classic children’s book by Elyne Mitchell. The king of Brumbies (Australian wild horses) is called Thowra and he is locked in a struggle with The Man (Russell Crowe) who wants to kidnap him. 

Sylvestor (1985) 

Plot: The film follows a 16-year-old orphan girl who forms a unique friendship with a wild horse. Together, she trains him to compete in an upcoming event, which is basically a horse triathlon. 


Horses carry a cool, alluring presence, almost as if they don’t belong in today’s day and time. 

As a special ode to these lovely creatures, there have been so many movies created. These numerous equine-centric films have won our hearts through the decade. So if you are done horsing around, these titles will give you a fresh perspective on life. 

So, now we think it’s time you re-watched all of those titles. Let us know in the comments below what you think! 

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