How Does CBD Work to Treat Horses?

The CBD compound of cannabis is one of the most talked cannabinoids found in the hemp plant along with THC. Well, THC is mainly psychoactive compound and it is responsible for euphoria feeling bur CBD has been provided beneficial and has health-promoting effects according to several studies. Now, studies also show that CBD products can also be helpful for pets and yes including horses as well.

Horses also suffer from various illnesses, especially when they get older and have been through a lot in their lives. Conservative treatment methods do not always achieve the desired results so that alternative veterinary medicine is being used more and more. There are not only cannabis products with high THC like moon rocks in the market but there are several high-quality CBD products are available for humans and animals. For horses, they are available in the form of oil, capsules, creams, and pellets. They are legal and can be obtained from various retailers without a prescription.

In Which Conditions CBD is Beneficial for Horses?

Horses have been suffering from stress for several years now. This is due to various factors, such as the new breeds, the keeping, and the difficulties on the animals. As is well known, stress generally has a bad effect on health, attacks the immune system, and causes tension, which in turn can lead to pain. Colic is also favored by stress. CBD can be helpful in treating anxiety and insomnia as it relaxes the person or animal

Headshaking syndrome, in which the horse pulls its head up, can also be a result of stress and overexcitement. However, science has not yet found a clear cause for this, there is also hypersensitivity to bright light, allergies, inflammatory diseases in the head area, or problems with the trigeminal nerve in the room. The use of cannabidiol is also recommended here. Horses suffering from inflammation or pain can be relieved by giving CBD. Especially with chronic pain, CBD provides relief.

Because cannabidiol also has the property of lowering the intraocular pressure, it is suitable for the treatment of eye disorders, which are often a problem for horses. Some eye problems are caused by allergies. CBD helps against allergies and therefore benefits those who are struggling with relevant diseases. In addition to fibrosis, arthritis, asthma, and convulsions, serious diseases such as cancer and epilepsy in animals can also be treated with cannabidiol.

If the horse is injured, the wound heals faster with the help of CBD, and infections with the active ingredients of the cannabis plant can also be cured better. As a result, any chronic respiratory complaints are blocked in advance. Cannabidiol is considered to be appetizing, which is particularly important for horses and other animals that refuse to eat due to an illness.

Overall, CBD products help the gastrointestinal tract of horses, dogs, and cats to find their natural balance, which not only has a positive effect on colic but also strengthens the entire immune system and thus has a holistic effect on the health of your horse. Skin diseases such as horse summer eczema, nodules, or bald spots can, therefore, be prevented or treated with CBD.

Does the horse get high from CBD?

The idea of ​​producing CBD products for horses and other pets is based on the knowledge that some mammals such as dogs, cats, and horses have an endocannabinoid system just like humans. This endocannabinoid system enables the body to absorb and process cannabinoids, i.e. various active substances from the cannabis plant. The main task of the endocannabinoid system is to keep the body and its functions in balance. The medical term for this is “homeostasis”. In homeostasis, the body itself produces cannabinoids in small quantities. However, if there are imbalances in the body due to illness, stress, fear, or other influences, the body’s cannabinoid production is no longer sufficient.

Unlike THC products (ice wreck strain), CBD is not psychoactive. As a rule, the THC content in CBD products is below 0.2 or 0.4%. CBD acts on receptors in the body other than THC, both in humans and in animals. Therefore, neither people nor animals get high from CBD, so the horse does not become a unicorn and get “high.”

Dosage, Storage and Side Effects Of CBD

Apparently, overdoses can occasionally occur in animals when given CBD products. The result is vomiting. Such side effects have not been observed in humans. In some cases, the administration of CBD can also have an effect on other medications and should therefore always be clarified in advance with a knowledgeable veterinarian. The dose should be kept as low as possible initially. Which height it ultimately reaches in order to meet the needs of the horse or other animals always depends on the individual requirements and can therefore not be generally recommended at this point.

It is best to store CBD products in a cool, dark place. They can also be kept in the refrigerator, bearing in mind that the flow properties of an oil change with falling temperatures. If stored in this way, the oil can be kept for about a year. Use at room temperature is ideal.

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