What David Moyes Has Learned From Horse Racing

As spectators of events such as the annual Cheltenham Festival, it is easy to assume that it is the horse and jockey that put in all the hard work in order to be winners. However, actually, for any winning horse at big events like these, there are usually a team of people behind the scenes helping to make that happen; including a horse trainer. People that are into horse racing betting regularly will often pay close attention to who the trainer of a horse is before deciding who to place their money on – because it is the trainer that can make all the difference. David Moyes might not be a horse racing trainer but since being the owner of several horses he’s definitely had his eyes opened to plenty of possibilities; so what has the West Ham United manager learned from horse racing?

Planning is Key

In a recent chat with Betway ambassador Ross O’Sullivan, they talked over his feelings surrounding being a trainer and what they think it takes to be successful. Both discussed how they train different people in different ways and the importance of planning a strategy and being organised weeks in advance. The two sports may be very different, but in the discussion, they certainly shared the similarities surrounding being prepared in advance and how planning is the key to being successful at any big match or race.

Overcoming Challenges

The two talked about who was important in the partnership when it comes to being successful at Cheltenham. Moyes also asked O’Sullivan about overcoming challenges and whether it was the horse or the jockey that helped to make the winning team. O’Sullivan shared that he felt 95% of the success came down to the horse and that although there are jockeys that can indeed ride pretty much any horse, the success comes down to the horse itself and how well it can handle a race.

How To Keep Improving

The two discussed the comparisons and differences between training a horse and training a football player. One thing they did talk about was whether football training was about training the whole team in the same way or whether individual players needed their own training plans – Moyes talked about the importance of individual training and how players needed their own training because everyone is different. There are comparisons between the two sports, as they discussed the need to prepare a horse weeks in advance of any big races and how a trainer might go about that in different ways for individual horses.

Celebrating is Important

Of course, with so much hard work coming into being successful at either sport they also discussed the feeling of winning and the celebrations that come from this. Moyes learned from O’Sullivan that the bigger the race the more of a celebration and that if your horse does do well people certainly to talk to you about this soon after the race – when you maybe just want to go and celebrate with your team, football is likely to be much the same!


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