Stable View’s Spring FEI CCI-S 2/3/4* & USEF/USEA Horse Trials

William Coleman & Chin Tonic HS. Photo © GRC Photo LLC.

April 1-3, 2022
Event Recap

Edited Press Release

AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA—A clear, sunny weekend for the Stable View Spring FEI CCI-S 2*/3*/4* and USEF/USEA Horse Trials concluded on Sunday, April 3rd with Prelim, Modified, and Training levels completing the cross country portion of the three-phase on the Mark Phillips and Mogie Bearden-Muller-designed courses, which included “Stable View Village,” a collections of new, signature jumps. The Chris Barnard-designed Show Jumping arena finished with several Training Divisions this morning under the clear, blue sky.

This three-phase event is Aiken’s first 4* of the year to combine both national and international level talent—an exhilarating opportunity for riders at Training level and higher to compete in an atmosphere with their internationally shown peers. With that in mind, and also for the first time, Stable View devoted areas at the perimeter of its LEED Gold-certified Pavilion for spectators to follow the action by tailgate. From the comfort and convenience of designated parking spots, attendees gathered with family and friends and cheered riders on, all while picnic’ing course-side. This will be repeated at Oktoberfest this fall and will become a regular spectator advantage of these two festivities.

Following are the final placements for all divisions:


1st: William Coleman & Chin Tonic HS (28.00)
2nd: Jennifer Brannigan & Twilightslastgleam (32.50)

3rd: Jennifer Brannigan & FE Lifestyle (35.80)

4th: Isabelle Bosley & Night Quality (45.10)
5th: Alexandra Knowles & Ms. Poppins (45.40)
6th: Emily Hamel & Corvett (46.30)

1st: Jennifer Brannigan & Connory (30.30)
2nd: Alyssa Phillips & Cornelius Bo (37.70)
3rd: William Coleman & Cold Red Rum (37.80)

4th: Lynn Symansky & Global Cassero 3 (37.80)
5th: Elizabeth Halliday-Sharp & Cooley Quicksilver (37.90)

6th: Lauren New & Flying Again (38.60)

1st: Hannah Sue Burnett & Stakkato Bronx (25.80)
2nd: Karl Slezak & Chevalier (28.90)
3rd: Jennifer Brannigan & Kismet (30.10)

4th: Ashley Trier & Quality Vintage (30.80)
5th: Phillip Dutton & Lincoln’s Address (30.90)
6th: Jessica Shull & Luftman MWF (32.60)


1st: Ariel Grald & Leamore Master Plan (35.80)

2nd: Phillip Dutton & Carlson 119 (52.10)

3rd: Michael Pendleton & Steady Eddie (54.10)

4th: Missy Miller & Quinn (68.70)

5th: Marley Stone Bourke & LVS Dassett Charisma (120.30)


1st:  Kyle Carter & Reddy or Not (34.20)

2nd: Matthew Brown & Big Berry (42.40)

3rd: William Coleman & Larcot Z (44.80)

4th: Matthew Brown & Alderwood (46.20)

5th: Madeleine Scott & Crosby’s Gold (51.40)

6th: Jennifer Brannigan & Amazing Anthem (51.60)


1st: Isabelle Bosley & Paper Doll (28.60)

2nd: Courtney Cooper & Excel Star Tick Tock (30.10)

3rd: Olivia Dutton & BE Capricorn (30.40)

4th: Brooke Massie & Major Chase (31.60)

5th: Jenny Caras & Newmarket Caro (33.70)

6th: Meg Pellegrini & Global Naxos (33.80)


1st: Elle Choate & Paddrick (27.40)

2nd: Lauren Hoover & Atlanta VII (30.80)

3rd: Cassie Plumb & Excel Star Eye Candy (32.20)

4th: Chris Newton & Noble Discovery (33.00)

5th: Jesse Reagin & RCA Society Law (39.3)

6th: Chris Newton & Sir Sheldon (45.90)


1st: Chloe Paddack & Hawthornstud Fortunate Love (26.50)

2nd: Savannah Miller & Langcaster (28.00)

3rd: Anna Welch & EyesonWillie (28.50)

4th: Jessica Milam & Lieutenant Dan (30.30)

5th: Sarah Coltrin & Madam Dragon (30.50)

6th: Lea Kilpatrick & Stella (33.50)


1st: Abby Foltz & Absolute Zero (33.90)

2nd: Kelly Carter & Celien (34.00)

3rd: Fiona Hazel & Menue rendezvous (36.00)

4th: Megan Stauch & Full Gallop’s Woo Pig Sooie (36.80)

5th: Lillian Kager & Game On (36.80)

6th: Noah Stanlaske & DHI Showman (37.50)


1st: Maxine Preston & Cooley Muze (27.50)

2nd: Matthew Brown & Riverview Starboy (28.30)

3rd: Guillermo De Campo Marambio & Castigado (28.30)

4th: Eliza Quigley & Carlsburg (29.50)

5th: Karl Slezak & Landjaeger (30.30)

6th: Jorge Anibal Toledo Aceves & Carinosa (31.50)


1st: Jenny Caras & MBF Saratoga Springs (21.10)

2nd: Karl Slezak & FE Cheerio (23.90)

3rd: Arden Wildasin & UDI-LA (30.30)

4th: Alexandra Green Kerby & Lanikai (32.60)

5th: Lauren New & Zenith Petite Etoile (37.90)

6thT: Jill Thomas Smith & The Naughty Vicar (40.10)


1st: Karl Slezak & Mister Capri Jr (27.80)

2nd: Karl Slezak & Carrick Emerald Diamond (28.30)

3rd: Katie Lichten & EHF Casiro Royale (28.90)

4th: Therese Evans & Ringo Star (29.40)

5th: Moriah Orms & Nuance (29.70)

6th: Julia Beamish & True Blue (30.30)


1st: Olivia Devening & Maximus (25.80)

2nd: Cecily Peters & Tomgar Conspirace (29.20)

3rd: Sarah Coltrin & Ballyengland Whisper (30.30)

4thT: Lauren Meyers & SW Cooley WinePort (33.10)

4thT: Jerry Barnette & Fernhill Thirty (33.10)

4thT: Nancy Hathaway & Killea Gynis View (33.10)

Next year, this Spring 4* event will fall back a week, incentivizing 5* riders—who intend to compete at Kentucky—a three-weeks-prior training opportunity. In 2023, this will also benefit those preparing their fall competition and training calendar: Stable View’s Oktoberfest will drop back a week to give riders a 4* horse trial three weeks prior to Fair Hill.

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