THIS Rider Profile: Schuyler Dayner

Fifteen-year-old Schuyler Dayner was around horses before she could even walk. Her mom, Heather Dayner, runs Baxter Lane Farm out of Odessa, FL and Shuyler hopes to follow in her footsteps in the future. 

Dayner won the 2020 THIS National Children’s Medal Final with her horse Gambino. 

“I’ve had my horse Gambino for four years now, so I know him pretty well. I started doing the equitation on him,” says Danyer. “He is an Irish Draft Horse, so he’s not your typical equitation horse. He’s a very good boy; he always goes and he’s really willing. Gambino has helped me learn a lot:e has taken me from the 2’6” equitation all the way to the 3’6” in a short amount of time, and he’s really given me a lot of confidence.

“I really like that the equitation focuses more on the riding and technical aspects,e,” she continued. “The equitation really focuses on the rider and their position, and you really have to work hard for it. I love that in the ASPCA Maclay, because it’s 50/50 with the flat phase.”

In 2020, when she took the top spot at the THIS National Children’s Medal Final, Dayner had had a successful season leading up to the equitation finals. She went into the championship sitting in fourth place in the overall standings and had started receiving additional instruction from Bobby Braswell and Stacia Madden.

“That was the first year I qualified for the THIS Children’s Medal. It was my second year trying to qualify, and luckily that year I was fourth in the nation,” says Dayner. “I really love the THIS Medal Finals, because it’s inviting but still technical enough. I went in fourth after the first round, so it wasn’t super intimidating, but I just wanted to have another solid round. I was definitely not expecting to win, but I was hoping to get a ribbon, so it was definitely crazy. All of your hard work finally pays off, and it’s really exciting. It was the start of an equitation career for me.” 

With a few years left in her junior career, Dayner hopes to continue to have success in the equitation and ride for an NCEA team in college. She has plans to become a professional and eventually continue her mom’s business, Baxter Lane Farm. 

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