6 Ideas to Display Your Favorite Horse Photos in Your Home

Do you like to have lots of photos in your house? Do you love man’s best friend, aka horses? Why not combine the two likes together and add photos of horses in your home? 

Horses have been man’s best friend for ages, and even today, when they are no longer needed for transportation, the love for horses has only grown among the people. Whether you like rodeo, horse races, or just these beautiful creatures for who they are, you can show your love by putting up some of their photos in your house. 

Here are a few ideas for displaying your favorite horse’s photos in your home. 

  1. Make a Grand Entrance 

Making a grand entrance is a fantastic idea. If the living room is the first place people see when they enter your home, put a large photo of your favorite horse on its main wall. It will surely leave them surprised and somewhat spellbound, too. 

Just make sure that the elements of the photo go well with the surroundings, such as the color schemes. You can balance it with the background colors in the photo. The image should also not overpower the entire décor. 

Bonus Tip

Only select high-quality images for larger prints since low-resolution pictures look bad and negatively impact the overall décor. 

  1. A Perfect Panoramic View

You want to add a beautiful photo of your favorite Arabian horse running in the wild with all its glory to your family room. However, you’re unsure if the moment’s beauty can be fully appreciated on the wall. A panorama canvas print is an ideal solution for this purpose.   

You can get a high-quality image printed on a canvas and hang it on your wall. You can also get it mounted on a beautiful wooden frame. Nothing captures the moment like a perfect panoramic shot. 

Bonus Tip

Avoid placing the large print in the direct path of sunlight since that will create a glare, such as in front of a sun-facing window. The colors of the canvas print will also fade faster if direct sunlight hits it all the time.  

  1. Paint a Mural

Murals are pieces of art that one paints on a wall. These projects are fun and challenging and usually need a few people to work together. You can have a mural of your favorite horse in your home. Engage the entire family over the weekend for some good time together.  

 You can also opt for a professional artist to make the mural to get the best possible results. You will get a long-lasting and fantastic image of your favorite horse. 

Bonus Tip

Make sure that you paint the mural on a wall that does not have any moisture damage. If there are any issues, first have them fixed. You do not want the beautiful mural to get damaged after some time. 

  1. Setup a Wall of Appreciation

You can have multiple images of your favorite horse, or horses, on a wall. You can opt for different sized frames and beautifully set them up on a wall in your living or family room or any other suitable place. Experiment a little with the positioning of the images to find the perfect balance. 

It is a good idea to get frames of similar sizes and colors. This way, you can easily make a collage of photos. If you have a frame with a noticeable difference in size or color, it may not look so good. 

Bonus Tip

You can buy frames from a thrift store for very reasonable prices if you’re on a budget. You can also quickly refurbish them to your liking. It can be a fun DIY project, and you can also involve kids to help them learn something new. 

  1. Take a Picture With the Horse

We all have portraits in the house. Why not take a perfect picture featuring your favorite horse? You rode this mustang at a friend’s place and absolutely fell in love with it. The next time you go there and ride the horse, perhaps you can take some pictures. 

Hiring a professional photographer for taking the picture is an excellent idea though you will need to plan ahead of time. Sure it will cost a bit, but you will get the perfect snapshot. 

You can always use your own camera if you do not want to spend too much. Just make sure that you follow the tips from professionals, including taking photos in good light conditions. Place the image at a prominent place in your home and create quite an impression. 

Bonus Tip

The perfect photos with horses usually have wide-open spaces in the back, but you can also work with a barn in hindsight. Photos taken in snow and next to a jungle also look fantastic. 

  1. Time for Some New Crockery 

So you drink a cup of coffee in the morning and some other time during the day. What can be more refreshing than a cup of joe; a picture of your beloved horse on the mug. You can have your chosen horse on your mugs and even on other pieces of crockery. 

It is an excellent, subtle way to remember your favorite horse every day. You can have a few ceramic mugs with different pictures on them. Some places even offer printing on other materials like metal mugs if you like those. 

Bonus Tip

Consider different mug colors before getting the printing done. Usually, white ceramic mugs are used for printing, but it is possible that darker colors like black, brown, and dark blue can also look fantastic. 

The Finish Line 

Horses are one of the most beautiful animals that deserve all the love and pampering they can get. Many people want to showcase their favorite horses in their homes. Photos are the perfect way to show your love for these beautiful and unmatched creatures. 

You can have their large portraits in your living and family rooms, add smaller pictures to the various empty wall spaces, and even have their images on some of your accessories. There are, of course, other ideas that you can come up with using your creativity and show your love for the horses.