A Weenie Amateur Hunter Rider Reviews LRK3DE Cross Country Jumps – 2022 Edition

Photos © Heather N. Photography


Another year, another insane cross country course that would make me lose all of my bodily functions if I ever had to canter up to even the smallest obstacle.

Not sure why the stools for this judge’s stand are in front of it. It could also benefit from some better shade coverage, but the vantage point should be a good one!
Now I would actually TOTALLY jump this… just take the middle and top rail down, and I’m your gal!
This is a very deep, very dry water jump. Someone got a little ambitious.
Genuinely unclear if this is a brush burn pile or a jump.
Sorry, but I think very ordinary jumps are trying to eat me. I’m definitely not going to approach something with a literal open mouth.
This jump is like the Lincoln Log toy. If Lincoln Logs were a giant terrifying trap.
A human could literally lay down on the top of the jump, never be seen, and have a nap all day while horses jumped over it FOR FUN.
The scariest part of this jump is that it is obstacle 26. TWENTY-SIX IS SO MANY JUMPS.
This actually didn’t look too bad until the person stood next to it for scale. And then I whimpered for my mother, and vowed to never hack outside of the ring ever again.
An impossible amount of “nope” from me. Thank you.

My hat’s off to the not-so-weenie, not-so-hunter riders who are heading out to give it their all. Wishing a safe and successful cross country day for all LRK3DE competitors!