The Benefits of CBD and Hemp for Horses

In the world of horse sports, injuries are common. Owners and trainers constantly look for new ways to help their animals beat the pain and the psychological issues that come with the hurt. More people are turning toward CBD and hemp for horses.

These non-psychoactive components of a weed plant hold many therapeutic properties that can help your animal through the pain. 

Did you know you can even buy cheap hemp seeds and grow them at home? You can also get koi CBD tinctures.

This way, you have a regular treatment supply for your horse without breaking the bank. Still not convinced? Read on. 

We share what these compounds are and how they make an excellent replacement for NSAIDs. Discover the CBD and hemp for horses’ benefits and how to use them with your animal. 

What are Cannabidiol and Hemp?

Cannabidiol and hemp often go hand in hand. The former is one of the main compounds in cannabis and is more commonly known as CBD. 

Hemp is a type of marijuana plant and often gets used to make CBD, as there’s almost no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—less than 0.3%.

At this low level of THC, CBD, and hemp for horses produce no intoxicating effects. In 2018, the Farm Bill passed, allowing industrial hemp to become a commodity. It’s now used in a variety of ways, including in CBD oils for horses.

NSAIDs vs. CBD and Hemp for Horses

When a horse is suffering from injury, owners, trainers, and vets tend to turn to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for help. This medication reduces swelling and pain that comes with inflammation. 

These drugs are often cheap and easier to administer, but they also come with a range of unpleasant side effects for the animals. Everyone appears to be searching for natural alternatives without the unpleasant symptoms—enter hemp for horses.

CBD oil and other forms of hemp have been shown to aid in healing and reduce pain and inflammation. The best part? The side effects are minimal to none, helping your animal feel relaxed throughout its recovery.

Hemp for Horses: 5 Benefits

Below, we take a closer look at the numerous hemp for horses’ benefits and see what it can do for your animal.

Reduces Inflammation

As with regular steroids and pain-killing medication, hemp and CBD can reduce inflammation and the secondary effects that come with it. Expect administering oil or a hemp seed meal for horses to reduce swelling in your animal’s joints and for them to feel less pain. 

Aids Psychological Recovery

Horses are renowned for being anxious, and after an injury, they may be even more so. Feeling pain can make your animal stressed, so relief from the hurt may put them in a better mood. Consumers of CBD products also report a general sensation of happiness, giving it the potential to further boost your horses’ psychological recovery from injury.

Minimal Side Effects

One of the main reasons vets recommend hemp for horses is the lack of negative symptoms. Regular NSAIDs can make your animal nauseous, dizzy, and generally unwell. Hemp and CBD products often cause no side effects. If they do, it’s usually a little sleepiness, but nothing more.

Strengthens Bones

As well as being an effective treatment method, studies show using hemp for horses could strengthen their skeletal structure. Some experts say it may even accelerate fracture healing—a common injury in the animals.

Boosts Energy and Provides Protein

Even if your animal isn’t injured, hemp for horses has benefits many owners and trainers seek. The high protein content helps equines develop strong muscles and increases their stamina for high-intensity exercise. It also provides an excellent source of dietary energy, maintaining gut health at the same time.


How to Use Hemp for Horses

After sourcing the product, you need to find the best way to administer it to your animal. NSAID injections make horses uncomfortable and may cause slight pain. The best way to use CBD and hemp for horses is to get them to swallow it. You can do so in one of the following ways:

  • Mixing hemp seeds or CBD oil into their normal feed.
  • Administering CBD oil directly under their tongue, but this may prove tricky with some animals.
  • Making tasty snacks as a treat for your injured equine, like a hemp seed cake for horses. You can also buy these ready-made.

How to Make Hemp Seed Cake for Horses

If you want to grow your own hemp or CBD cannabis strains and make a cake yourself, follow these instructions:

  1. Start by grinding the whole hemp seeds.
  2. Next, use a cheesecloth and strain out the oil, removing some of the fat content.
  3. Finally, press the cake with some regular horse feed and store it in a sealed container. 

Keep the hemp seed cakes for horses out of the direct sunlight, and they have a year’s shelf-life. These snacks are high in protein and fiber. They’re tasty, too!

The Final Furlong

It’s hard to deny the many CBD and hemp for horses’ benefits. They make an excellent replacement for regular NSAIDs and produce almost no side effects. Hemp is all-natural and eliminates the need to give your animals chemicals. 

Why not try and grow your own hemp at home? Pick up some high CBD cannabis strains and reap the advantages. Before long, you and your animal will be enjoying an unlimited homegrown source and regular hemp seed meals for horses.

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